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  1. Nice outhouse to go with it. 😉 😂 I just spent an hour reading this whole topic and marveling at your work, amazing, really amazing!
  2. I am just in awe of this terrain... 😠Incredible work here!! I wanna come over and play when it's done! 😂
  3. Not real specific yet, I'm getting set to paint up my older metal CAV minis (well, repaint more like...) and I'm just curious for some inspiration for the different factions. The artwork in the book helps a lot, but a nice gallery with lots of options always gets my painting juices flowing. 😃
  4. I have always loved the power and the stats of the Thunderbird CAV, but I have never liked the split cockpit design... It always looked like a weird mech/Troll without a head. So, a while back I decided to perform a little surgery on my giant hunk of metal T-Bird. **I stole the cockpit off of an old plastic space fighter mini I had in a parts box. It fit perfectly between the existing cockpit bumps on the CAV, and then added two anti personnel MGs to hide the old canopies. I also want the gun arms to stand little farther out from the CAV, so it would look less compact and squeezed in, and more agile in its upper body and arm movements. So i added 2mm round spacers to the shoulder joints where the arms attach to the torso. Its not an entirely new CAV, but it sure looks like a different Bird now!**
  5. Speaking of model factions, is there a gallery somewhere with painted CAV minis and especially a source for faction-specific canon color schemes?
  6. I completely agree! But just in case they don't make it back into CAV, we need to find good proxy models to use! :)
  7. If I could figure out how to post pics I would show you. I have the metal Thunderbird, Emperor, and Butcher. As well as the Nightshade and another CAV I can't remember the name of right now. I also have rebased, repainted Mechwarrior figures with size comparison pics. Just can't figure out how to post them....
  8. I love the looks of the Katana! Its like a Porsche with GUNS!!!
  9. STARHAWK 6!!!! Best looking CAV ever made! Followed closely by the Katana. And then the Butcher. But the dirty aliens use that one so by default it sucks. :)
  10. The Big Dance was good. If you download the CAV2 unit cards, they list which CAV is used primarily by each faction, and which CAVs are so common as to be "open market" even if the stats are obsolete now, they will give yo an idea of the different CAVs abilities and comparison of design strengths. It might help a new person get a general idea of the models offered in the KS.
  11. I love the Romanesque stylings of the Terran Legions, very cool way to make vastly different themed forces around different colony worlds and the cultures who founded them. I will dig out my old CAV notebook and post my Legions and the fluff I wrote.
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