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  1. I just tried the new GW / Citadel spray primers for their Contrast range, Grey Seer. It worked well; it's a bit chilly here, but nothing too bad (San Francisco in the winter is more like late spring in most places...). I also used Contrast paints on the models. I absolutely love how great it looks with a single coat (with touch ups) but still found even with the primer that paint is pretty hydrophobic and would bead up a lot on the models. You really have to be patient while you apply - carefully and methodically working it over the "hydrophobic" bits; it eventually settles down and stays
  2. So I just got a metric ton o' plastic. Tanks, CAVs, tons of scenery! So DAMN excited. But... There's a lot. Any of y'all with game experience want to enlighten me on what would be a fun few models to start with, so I could get a game going soon-ish? Like, would you build all four of a CAV (just in case you didn't back this one: you get four of each model in your order) or four different CAVs? When would you ever field four at a time? I'll probably build all four vehicles of each type because they'll build fast and look really cool. The CAVs will take m
  3. Apologies, as I know this gets talked about a lot... But could someone direct me to the "what do you prime your Bones Black models with?" thread? I just got a handful of CAV models that I think were in the new "Black" material (actually light gray), the Warden, the Armadillo, and a Lynx. I primed them with a can of gray Ace Hardware brand Premium Primer and they came out tacky. I waited several days, and they never fully cured. Thankfully, with a coat of Games Workshop Contrast paint (Militarum Green) the tackiness was reduced, but not eliminated. Once that cured, I coated it with Liquit
  4. I would love to see casualties, perhaps as an 'add on' (as I'd like to see them in the next Kickstarter), since I suspect not everyone needs corpses. It's pretty easy to find fantasy-ish humans, I'd love to see dead Bones elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs, goblins ... Others?
  5. Yea, I use facebook, but ugh. Not for my toy soldiers! Mantic's forums were epically bad. I also couldn't log in because "I wasn't registered" but also "couldn't register" because I was already registered. Bringing this up to Mantic folks would get the proverbial blank stare (as much as you can give over email). If they didn't acknowledge a problem, I guess there wasn't one!
  6. So glad to find some chatter about this great game. I've only got one game under my belt so far, but it was really fun. Mantic's really done a great job this time! I was sad to hear Mantic is shutting down their forums (which had a really bad run of not working there, for a good long while...), aside from their promise to use Facebook (facebook?!?), does anyone know where there's a good spot to discuss Vanguard?
  7. Hey fellow nerds! So I've got a few of the new Nightstalker minis from Mantic games, and I love 'em, for the most part, but would also love to add some diversity and fun to the mix. They're all pretty weird, distinctive minis, so I'm not sure what Reaper Minis might have to mix in (and how I'd even begin to search for something...), so I thought I'd turn to the collective knowledge base for help! Here's what the Mantic Nightstalker starter warband looks like: I love the shadow-hounds (along the bottom of the pic), but they're the same pose. Does Reap
  8. Thrilled that the third KS had such a good ending (even if we didn't get the dropship) and looking forward to playing, even if it might be another year. Any word on when the cards will become available for the new units? In particular, I'd love to see the aircraft cards. The price is a bit steep for the fancy resin, but there's nothing like drooling over stats to get me thinking about taking the plunge...
  9. Beautiful job on those! I sure hope this makes retail. I'd love to pick up a copy someday... But yes, it's had a long and checkered past up to now. Not terribly confident it will ever make it over to the US
  10. Groovy responses, man! I will probably base my CAVs using thin clear acrylic bases - Litko has thin bases that look really nice, 1.5mm, but I've asked them if they can do thinner - they think they might be able to dig up 0.8mm thick acrylic bases, and that would be the bomb. Perhaps similar to CAVBoss' philosophy, I want the bases to be as unobtrusive as possible, and suited for any sort of battlefield. Thin, clear disks should fit the bill Thanks all
  11. Hey all! New to CAV (don't yet have the rulebook), but am wondering what the rules are for basing your CAVs and other units. I see the CAVs are frequently shown on somewhat dinky hexagonal bases - is there a hard and fast rule there, or would slightly larger circular bases be OK? This is purely from an aesthetic point of view, the little tiny hexes that sometimes don't even accommodate both feet of the CAV look weird. I was thinking of basing them on clear, thin acrylic disks, so they'd look good on any play surface. What sort of basing do you do? Tha
  12. Thanks, I just watched the ~30m video example of gameplay on the KS page, so I have a rough idea of how it plays. Still curious to hear what the roll of tanks, aircraft, infantry etc (the non robot-y units!) is. I loved that part of mechwarrior (the old click game), and would hope CAV might capture that combined arms aspect a little. Also, he used dice for initiative, instead of the deck
  13. I'm a sucker for big stompy robots, and the current (third?) kickstarter looks pretty darn cool. Are there any good reviews out there that give a nice summary for the game? I also have a few quick questions: Does it use a hex grid, or rulers? I don't see any infantry in this KS, or previous ones (just looked quickly though), how often do you use infantry in your games? What's their battlefield role? The vehicles also look super cool. How often do you see them on the battlefield, and do they have their own cards too (ie, become weaker as they take damage)?
  14. Hi there, Relatively new to the forums, and not sure where to post this question, but are there instructions/ illustrations on building the cemetery fences from the cemetery add on to Kickstarter 3? There are corner posts that have odd caps/floor "plugs" for them, that I can't quite figure out... I'd also love to see illustrations of how people assembled them to accommodate the mausoleum, or if they built the cemetery fences to sit next to/ alongside the mausoleum? Thanks for any help, and apologies if this isn't the right place!
  15. I had great luck with Tamiya X19 - Smoke. It's a thick (like syrup) acrylic wash that has a slight sweet smell to it, and it went on fantastic with no priming or pretreatment at all. For these two figs, I just painted the base, then applied the wash. It doesn't interact with the hydrophobic bones material like I was worried it might - it went on great. If you're a speed painter (and after you get a KS worth of these things, are there any other types of painters out there?), I highly recommend that Tamiya X19 wash. I've not tried their other washes, but now I'm inclined to. I also ha
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