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  1. Heyo folks, it's taken me six long years, but I've finally made the plunge, and in a big way, haha. Currently residing in West DFW (Fort Worth area), TX, so look me up. :)
  2. Alright so if I may, I'd like to cast my lot in with the all truescale camp, I really don't mind having big planes. In addition I think 1" (15') is entirely too close for Nape of the Earth, then again the Tsui is a VTOL no? You'd have to have to be pretty crazy to do that with an A-10 as I'm fairly surely gravity would pull pretty hard. IMO 2" (30') would be much more believable and 4" (60') for close approach runs would make sense. The issue with flight stands can easily be resolved.
  3. Hello everyone, pretty new to CAV and wanted to ask "Why should I pledge?", I'm asking because the projected fulfillment date of July 2015 bothers me, I really would like to get on board, but I don't want to wait almost an entire year for my minis as I'm looking to get back into modelling and painting minis. :/
  4. I bought an Overlords starter 4 years ago on impulse, liked the models but was sad that there was little to no interest in the game at that time, hopefully it'll see a resurgence with the advent of Bones. A pdf with free rules would be great advertising and is done by most viable companies nowadays, just nix the fluff and it'll still give me a reason to buy the book later. :)
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