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  1. Just got my forest last night and it blew through my expectations. Glad I got dreadhollow x2 and lots of banks, this is the first real set that my wife was impressed with. I don't need anymore Dwarven Forge....please make it stop.
  2. Shipped my partner's exchange today. Should arrive in 6 days.
  3. Mine is done and will be mailed by the end of the week. I was away for the holidays and see I have a package at the post office that was delivered late last week, i'll check tonight to see if its from the exchange.
  4. 80% done. I just need to touch it up some and then base it. Should be finished over the holidays and sent out early January.
  5. I had found the perfect mini but I haven't used the store since the revamp and I see that free shipping to Canada has spiked a lot from what it use to be. I may need to dig through my pile of unpainted minis to see if something jumps out at me or bite the bullet in the shop.
  6. I thought I would be able to avoid this one as well but that was a foolish idea. While I don't think I will back any of the encounters I will probably go heavy into lava rivers, some accessories and a gate! I'll be watching this one over the next couple weeks. I did not buy any of their previous lava sets and i'm glad I didn't as I view this as far superior. I have very little time to paint and prefer to paint miniatures when I do have the time so for me there is so much value in pre painted terrain.
  7. Mine is due to arrive in Mississauga in Ontario today.
  8. I stumbled on this guy in December and knew I had to get him right away. I view him as a a fallen paladin that was resurrected and corrupted by a Lich to serve as his general. The runes on the horse armor really drew me to him, I decided against painting them all the same and instead went with a mix of colors that could have a cool gaming effect. Alas my painting skills aren't where I want them to be yet as I wanted to do a cool effect on the sword but it just wasn't working out. I'm still very happy with him and its probably my best painted mini to date.
  9. I added some action shots in your showoff thread Inarah!
  10. I just got back home and since you went all detective on the dwarven forge I decided to do a quick build with the minis and scenery. I also included a couple other minis i've received in previous years so some of you may remember them...
  11. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I got home from work tonight from Inarah! They are amazing thank you so much! You really out did yourself! I am leaving in a few minutes and won't be back home to post pictures until Saturday or Sunday, if you took pictures feel free to post or I will do so when I get back home. They really are fantastic and I can't wait to use them!
  12. I live in Canada and commissioned a drawing this past summer from someone in the US. He wanted to use paypal so i created an account and sent the money, no issues on either end.
  13. If they come out with a nice blue/yellow combo i'll be in for a few sets. I would give sets of those away to my friends that have run the Boston Marathon to lure them into gaming... Edit. If they hit 25k i'll be in, i like that set.
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