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  1. Fealron

    Dwarven Forge KS 6.66 - Hellscape

    I thought I would be able to avoid this one as well but that was a foolish idea. While I don't think I will back any of the encounters I will probably go heavy into lava rivers, some accessories and a gate! I'll be watching this one over the next couple weeks. I did not buy any of their previous lava sets and i'm glad I didn't as I view this as far superior. I have very little time to paint and prefer to paint miniatures when I do have the time so for me there is so much value in pre painted terrain.
  2. Mine is due to arrive in Mississauga in Ontario today.
  3. I stumbled on this guy in December and knew I had to get him right away. I view him as a a fallen paladin that was resurrected and corrupted by a Lich to serve as his general. The runes on the horse armor really drew me to him, I decided against painting them all the same and instead went with a mix of colors that could have a cool gaming effect. Alas my painting skills aren't where I want them to be yet as I wanted to do a cool effect on the sword but it just wasn't working out. I'm still very happy with him and its probably my best painted mini to date.
  4. Fealron

    New Previews!

    Plague Doctor looks good!
  5. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I added some action shots in your showoff thread Inarah!
  6. Fealron

    Secret Sophie minis for Fealron

    I just got back home and since you went all detective on the dwarven forge I decided to do a quick build with the minis and scenery. I also included a couple other minis i've received in previous years so some of you may remember them...
  7. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I got home from work tonight from Inarah! They are amazing thank you so much! You really out did yourself! I am leaving in a few minutes and won't be back home to post pictures until Saturday or Sunday, if you took pictures feel free to post or I will do so when I get back home. They really are fantastic and I can't wait to use them!
  8. Fealron

    Reaper Live Episode #013

    I normally always paint while these air on Thursdays after I put the kids to bed. I've been working on a piece for a couple weeks and was almost done when something Rhonda mentioned jumped out at me and i tweaked how I was painting the mini and I was amazed with the results.
  9. Fealron

    Commissions question

    I live in Canada and commissioned a drawing this past summer from someone in the US. He wanted to use paypal so i created an account and sent the money, no issues on either end.
  10. Fealron

    Unicorn Dice Kickstarter

    If they come out with a nice blue/yellow combo i'll be in for a few sets. I would give sets of those away to my friends that have run the Boston Marathon to lure them into gaming... Edit. If they hit 25k i'll be in, i like that set.
  11. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    You're welcome! I had been checking tracking but it wasn't updating at all. I'm glad it made it for Christmas! I tried drawing for the first time on the minis back, painted an octopus like tattoo. Not pictured, some of the chocolate coins I ate while painting....
  12. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Sucks that you haven't got the order yet, I got lucky with mine and it was only delayed a week or so.
  13. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I've been sick the last couple of weeks so I was able to get some good painting time in. Aiming to get mine to my partner in time for Christmas, it will be close!
  14. Fealron

    Help painting freehand scars

    Thanks, I feel stupid not having checked YouTube first. I blame it on my cold and not thinking straight.
  15. I am painting a miniature right now that is humanoid and not wearing a shirt. I want to paint some scars on the chest or back, I have never painted freehand before and have no artistic ability to speak of when it comes to drawing. This is going to be a gift for someone and want it to turn out not bad! Would anyone be able to give me some tips on painting some simple scars? Thanks