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  1. Very nice! Are these like Space Bugbears? And is that a container of Spice?
  2. Mangu is in trouble! I think the wings are looking pretty leathery. Maybe one more level of highlights would seal the deal for you.
  3. The ice mummy is a neat idea. I love the red wraith. The classic gold/red color scheme looks great on this one.
  4. And more light! What I see is very good. The blue sticks out the most to my eye.
  5. This came out great! Really love the two skin tones.
  6. Brimm can go first. Slow and steady walking behind his shield.
  7. Reminds me a lot of Whistler from the Blade movies. Really solid paint job.
  8. Always a pleasure to view your results. It’s like a scavenger hunt to find all the neat details. I particularly like the stippled texture on the scarf, the free hand on the headband, and how the ears seem to be the brightest spot of all the skin. I’d love to know what colors went into the skin.
  9. This is the way....I’d hope he comes out! Great job. Nice pink livening up the ears. The eyes are spot on.
  10. I never realized these two were posed differently. That’s neat! Excellent work. The yellow OSL is nicely done on all of these.
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