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  1. Just beware. Crackle paint I think is more like crackle medium. So I don’t know that it will produce the result you are hoping for.
  2. Leather: Intense Brown, 1:2 Ginger Cookie:Intense Brown, then 2:1 Ginger Cookie:Intense Brown.
  3. My advice: don’t bother with the effort it takes to put in that shadow. Is it a little more realistic? Yes. But light photons bend around hard corners anyway, so it will soften/blur that shadow anyway…So, I think for the sake of sanity, just do the OSL like there is no obstruction. It is magic, after all. As an example: when Gandalf has the lit crystal in his staff in the Fellowship of the Rings movie, there are roots covering the crystal in places. They don’t show up as shadows when he’s defending himself against the balrog or running through Moria.
  4. Thanks! A little progress. Finished the metallic steel. Blackened Steel, Tarnished Steel, then Scale Color Heavy Metal. These guys have the dual-wield “leader,” so they can keep bright weapons and armor. I plan to rust/weather the metal for the other 9.
  5. Drybrush of Desert Stone, trying to stay on the highest elevation, and closer to the edges. Crackle Medium How it might look. Not too bad. Better than a plain base, interesting, not stealing the limelight from the mini. Black Primer. Even more subdued. Maybe too subdued. Sanded finish. PVA Glue. So, I still feel that PVA glue is the winner. Let me know what you all think. In looking at these, the paint is probably too dark. It’s like a muddy
  6. Lighter load/pressure drybrush. Brown Sand. Crackle Medium Black Primer Sanded PVA glue. For some reason, I’m craving brownies! I guess we can extrapolate how to make a brownie golem to terrorize the Pizza Dungeon kitchens!
  7. All of the bases with 2 layers of Basic Dirt as a heavy drybrush. Paste over Crackle Medium Paste over Black Primer Paste over sanded finish. Paste over PVA glue.
  8. Same base painted with black brush on primer. Two coats. One thin to get into the cracks, one thick for surface opacity. Here is the result of the 2” base with paste over black primer. Sorry I don’t have a shot prior to painting over it with black primer. Here is the sanded 1” base. Not bad, but I feel the cracks are too narrow. So narrow it’s tough to get paint into all of them. You can see a bit of white at twelve o’clock there. Will try Nuln Oil to get into those cracks. This is the 1” base over PVA glue. I think most people would agree this is the
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