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  1. She reviews the letter then consents to let you investigate. “I’ll help you however I can. Please keep me in the loop at least every day, let’s say 9AM? Know this, you are representing the carnival now. So, anything that you do reflects on the circus.” “Here’s what I know. Our moneylender and pawn broker, Archivin Walder, was attacked on his way home last night. When he was late, his wife Agnes went looking for him and found his body along the road. It appeared he was mauled by a large clawed beast. Upon seeing this, she sped to the office to beg her four live-in body guards to help. Three went with her, and a fourth stayed at the office. They must have done something unpredictable by bringing the body back to the office. When they arrived they found the left behind guard murdered, and two humanoid shapes fled the building. Many valuable items, gems, and coins had been stolen. She pauses. I’m not entirely sure the Sphinx did this. Though several people claim they saw a large winged creature in the air last night, no witnesses can tell me they saw the Sphinx attack Walder.” She’ll give you directions to the murder scene and the office, or accompany you there if you’d like.
  2. Sorry, wasn’t intending to make ship #2 look like a phallus. Was just imagining the rear castle having a wider part for a firing position on each side...
  3. Sabine has heard that Viper Nettle Berries can cure addiction. This immediate area is not the right sort of area to find them.
  4. “The Tattooed Lady!” You don’t see any evidence of critters on the top deck.
  5. You decide to leave a little earlier, 7am. You make it to the shipwreck by 10, using your prior trailblazing to inform you of a faster route. The ship is old and battered, leaning against the cliffy coastline. You can climb down to it with a 20 foot climb. You see some significant hull damage along the bottom. The sails are long-since tattered.
  6. “Please, I’m having a morning! What can I do for you, be quick.”
  7. You make your way to the city jail. You are greeted by Sheriff Feldane.
  8. Will get next post up hopefully tomorrow.
  9. Will get next post up hopefully tomorrow.
  10. Almara seems relieved. She advises you to head into town to visit the sheriff. She provides a sealed letter authorizing your party to act on her behalf as an impartial 3rd party.
  11. When you arrive at the circus, the carnival has not yet opened. You are led to Almara’s private wagon, where she is standing next to a small campfire circled by chairs, covered with a multi-colored canopy. When she sees your approach, she smiles thinly and motions you to sit. She greets you kindly but with an air of business, then after brief introductions she fills you in as to the reason for your summons: She offers you a sizable reward to do so.
  12. Closure. Full circle. What a ride. Eclectic idea. Excellent painting.
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