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  1. Nice cowboys. Man, that bottom one sure looks like Charlie Sheen in profile.
  2. Thanks everyone! It was a nice relaxing day.
  3. Great! Just don’t let them get too close to your fire elementals.
  4. Very vivid. It looks like a suitable TMNT character. Great job.
  5. Sorastro’s you tube channel has marvel crisis protocol: Rogue, Deadpool, Star Lord that have some parts that are similar.
  6. Here’s my take: what you have done well: 1. great brush control. Not a lot of paint seems to be errant into neighboring colors 2. the freehand writing in the book is excellent. 3. Kudos for trying to apply makeup 4. excellent basing 5. the hair is pretty good. things that if improved would really level up: 1. Eyes. Try painting the eye black or near black, then a stripe of white in the middle of that, leaving a thin rim of black. Then add the black dot for the Iris/pupil. Try to have that dot touch the upper black line, but not quite touch the lower line. 2. The color selection of the light purple to shade the white/light blue part of the dress doesn’t read well as a shadow color on this model. Try a light blue that is lighter than the blue trim, but darker than the off-white. 3. Shading and highlights. You may encounter this advice commonly around here. Try adding some highlights and shadows. Maybe on your next model try it on skin. Then on the model after that, skin and leathery stuff. Etc, so you can develop those skills as fast or slowly as you want or can handle. Once you get into the habit of that, then try to push shadows deeper and highlights close to white. Again, great work here. Consider some of this level up advice, and let us know how it goes.
  7. Solid product and paint job. What kind of feedback or constructive criticism are you looking for?
  8. These are all so cleanly painted and vibrant! Great work.
  9. Excellent! What a gross and creepy pair.
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