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  1. Break out the Geiger counter! excellent realistic look.
  2. You did a fabulous job here.
  3. Nice. I like his sword and that jagged scar.
  4. One foot 🦶 in front of the other! 500 will be 0 in no time! Lovely freehand.
  5. When you basecoat chainmail with thin black paint, you need an old brush with short stiff bristles to jab straight into the holes, rather than the usual brushing strokes over the side. Then when it dries and you can inspect for white dots after it has dried. Then touch up with the same method again, or the dot-by-dot fine tip brush mentioned above.
  6. Great result! She’s got so much fiddly detail, I couldn’t bear to risk screwing it up with an OSL attempt. Congratulations on taking that plunge and pulling it off.
  7. This mini is so fierce! Great job.
  8. Hope you have a great birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday to a real “O.G.”
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