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  1. Excellent! You really captured the look and feel of it.
  2. Good job! I agree the Rhino Beetle is a little odd. I wonder if it’s supposed to be a cast iron helmet? Your bone answer works great though. Knight Henchman has a very long sword scabbard!?! The knights are my favorite.
  3. Working basecoats on Kavorgh. Wolf Pelt-Stormy Grey Leather Armor/Boots-Ruddy Leather Shield/Axe-Woodstain Brown Straps/Skins-Tanned Leather Arm Wrap-Stained Ivory Metal-Dragon Black
  4. Nice arachnid collection. For swarms, I paint most of them one color type, and have a few stragglers randomly inserted in different colors, of high contrast. I would have said all black with red, orange, green spiders in there.
  5. No. I just haven’t had time to draw a map. Sorry.
  6. Gave 3 or 4 of them freckles/age spots/sun spots with Peacock Green.
  7. Yikes! Kavorgh looks like he’s been biting his shield. Teeth are Ruddy Flesh, Dirty Bone, Linen White.
  8. Trying to further liven things up. I mixed 1:1 Orc Skin:Braiins Pink, and applied it to nose, ears, lips, elbows and knuckles. Tough to really make it out, but it’s there.
  9. Eyes. Very small! Blood Red, Fire Red, Clear Orange.
  10. Glazed some Royal Purple into the shadows on this test subject. I think it is nuanced and pleasing.
  11. Great work on this! I love the glowing eyes. Your work on the stones and mold really pushes it over the top.
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