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  1. “Dibs on the swo-aaahhhh! Look out!” Glad you got to use this for RCL Diorama. The figure is great, and the treasure pile is nicely done. The mossy bits on the walls do a good job of adding interest to the stone without having to paint different colored rocks.
  2. Suits the theme for such a dark number! Nice outcome.
  3. Picked out highest fur with Driftwood Brown with a little Linen White. Linen White on the white parts. Golden Skin on those accent parts. Done for today. Still want a little Dragon White on the white parts.
  4. Drybrushed with Driftwood Brown Washed with diluted Agrax Earthshade.
  5. This is through 2:1 Driftwood:Russet, and also after 3:1 Driftwood:Russet.
  6. Russet Brown, Creamy Ivory and Golden Shadow. Mixed 1:1 Russet Brown:Driftwood brown for the raised areas, but it’s too subtle. This is blocking in highlights stage, not “fur drybrush” yet.
  7. My two cents. First off, it looks great as is. If I were to tweak it, here’s what I think… The cross guard on the sword needs brighter highlights. The hand is closer then the head, so I would make that area brightest. The hand and head should be almost as bright as the sword.
  8. Wow! Didn’t realize how big the giant was. Loving the green stone/marble effect on the arch.
  9. Great job! I like the play between the red hues in the skin versus the green shadows on the pig. And to echo the others, the apron is top notch.
  10. Great to get him off the shelf of shame!
  11. Zombie version for now…j/k! Hoping for a Great Horned Owl coloration.
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