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  1. Almara seems relieved. She advises you to head into town to visit the sheriff. She provides a sealed letter authorizing your party to act on her behalf as an impartial 3rd party.
  2. When you arrive at the circus, the carnival has not yet opened. You are led to Almara’s private wagon, where she is standing next to a small campfire circled by chairs, covered with a multi-colored canopy. When she sees your approach, she smiles thinly and motions you to sit. She greets you kindly but with an air of business, then after brief introductions she fills you in as to the reason for your summons: She offers you a sizable reward to do so.
  3. Closure. Full circle. What a ride. Eclectic idea. Excellent painting.
  4. The next morning, as you eat breakfast, you overhear a few locals gossiping about a murder. A few moments later, a frantic carnival crew member comes through the inn’s front door, panting and sweaty as if he ran the whole distance. When he sees you, he smooths himself over and takes a deep breath to regain his composure. In a thick Varisian accent he says “pardon milords and lady. My mistress Almara formally requests your presence at her private wagon this morning for an urgent job opportunity.” He waits around for your answer, hoping to lead you back there personally.
  5. That is enough help to get Aerys' roll above 16, her DC. There was a bonus for "treating" her with alcohol. She chats with Scraps. "Scraps, was it. Listen. I must thank you for helping me with my problem. Please be discreet with the others. I started out five years ago with a twinkle in my eye, a head full of dreams, and a strong heart. I hoped to rise up the ranks and captain my own ship one day. But after a while I realized this is a man's world, sailing. No one is willing to give a lady a shot. I kept getting the crummiest jobs, swabbing decks so that these scurvy dogs can look down my blouse or pinch my rump. I got fed up with it. Now, as soon as any salty dog mentions my looks, flirts, makes advances, etc... I flip my lid and beat the snot out of them. It got to a point that as soon as I got a posting, I would just stay in my quarters and drink away my free time. I hate that this is what I've become. My hopes were so big. I know I could make a great ship captain loved and respected by my crew. But, now I don't know that I'll ever get a chance." She grits her teeth. "I don't know, Scraps. Are you considered overly attractive by your kind? Do you know what I'm talking about?" She looks down at her shaking hands, then balls them into fists. "See, this is how I stop the shaking. It's also how I stop the shallow scalawags in their tracks when the mistake me for a floozy. But I want to get better. I don't want the bottle to chase me forever. Please, if you can find a plant called a Viper Nettle, I've heard their berries can cure alcoholism. If you find that plant, bring me the berries so I can get this sweet, sweet monkey off my back!" Aerys is Friendly. She has shared with you her quest.
  6. Whoa! That's quite the ambitious tattoo!. Excellent color palette. He has such a nice expression on his face.
  7. Really great work. Nice touch on the rusted shield rivets. l like the skin tone.
  8. Diplomacy: Hostile, Unfriendly, Indifferent, Friendly, Helpful. In this AP, you can’t get them past Friendly without doing something special for them. Arune’s antics can help with Diplomacy. However, the Morale check bonus from performing as an Entertainer requires doing that role for a whole 8 hour day. In reality any of you can say “I’ll try to change X’s attitude with a diplomacy check” without any role play text. The same goes for Aid Another action to assist with a diplomacy check. The role play text is for you to be able to play the character, show us who they are and what makes them tick, and can also bring a bonus or penalty if you “say the right thing” or “bring up a sore subject.” Finally, it is possible that gifts and actions can affect Attitude and Morale. If Arune wants to use his antics to Aid Another on Scraps’ Diplomacy check, that’s fine. Give me a roll. I’m waiting to respond to Scraps’ line of questioning based on that outcome. Ishirou seems a bit mesmerized by the big froggy eyes. His gruff demeanor finally cracks a little. He draws his sword to show it to you. He smiled at first, showing several rotted sailor teeth. As he looks at it, he frowns. He lets you take a close look at the sword, but is protective of it, so you can’t touch it. “Sadly, this all Ishirou has of Tian heritage. But not heirloom. Gift from prior employer. Have nothing from family.” He pauses, sighs deeply, then continues. “Ishirou father was owner of fishing boat. When younger, Ishirou afraid to be stuck to that boat, that life, that village forever. Then father die on boat from fire.” His eyes well up and he swallows hard. “Ishirou run away, thought be free of boats and have different life. Ironic Ishirou been on different ships as sailor ever since!” He casts a glance at Aerys. “She intriguing woman. So much love for boats and ocean. I think Ishirou been sailor much longer, but not same feeling toward sailing.” His eyes linger on her a little longer, then he returns his attention to you. He shifts gears and takes the time to point out the parts of his sword: “Handle-Tsuki. Metal guard-Tsuba. Metal collar above and below Tsuba-Fuchi and Habaki. Water mark from differential heat treatment-Hamon. Blade-Nagasa. Tip-Kissaki.” After another moment he bows to you, picks up the sword gently with one hand on the handle and another on the tip, bows to it until it touches his forehead, then puts it back in its saya (scabbard). Many great honorable warriors in my country soul in this type of sword. Great warriors called Samurai. Ishirou family not serve nobility. Ishirou never be Samurai... Ichirou is now Indifferent.
  9. Interesting how different manufacturers interpret dragon kin so differently. This is a very lithe looking figure. I love it, and your painting is top notch.
  10. Darcstaar

    Captain Razig

    I enjoyed the muted palette. It fits the piece well.
  11. I think there is a ton of greatness here. It’s a magical evocative sculpt. My only criticism is that the blue shawl/cloak seems a little flat. If that was intentional to draw attention elsewhere, that’s reasonable. Otherwise, it would have benefitted from some more highlighting.
  12. Ok. I need to know if anyone is going to assist on Aerys diplomacy roll, I need diplomacy for Ishirou, and I need to know if day 3 is more exploring, or all camp duties. Agreeing to help Sasha with her curiosity about the Dino will help with her next morale check. Sasha is still too frightened to contribute. Jask is doing medic duty. Gelik is entertaining. Aerys can switch from guard to entertainer, bringing the bonus for tomorrow’s Morale check to +4. Ishirou is unfriendly. If diplomacy helps him, he can contribute too.
  13. So, I had mentioned it earlier, but once friendly, no more diplomacy checks are needed for the NPCs. Aerys and Ichirou are the ones who need diplomacy checks. Since you can focus on just trying to get these two to “come around,” you can team up a little better. The aid another action is a roll against DC 10. You can’t take 10 to aid another. If successful, it grants a +2 bonus. After Sasha has gotten a lot of attention, she finally musters the courage to ask “if you see any more of the dimorphodon dinosaurs, especially smaller or younger, I would be in your debt if you could bring me one...alive. I’d like to try to train it to be my animal companion!” You can find some berries for the good berry spell. Sasha isn’t particularly prone to or perturbed by bugs. It’s just the environmental risk
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