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    Crypt of the Everflame Recruitment

    You're welcome to hop back in. Let me know.
  2. Darcstaar

    Who is ready for another Reaper Kickstarter?

    So awesome! Where's the giant leprechaun to go next to it?
  3. Jumped in. First timer, so we'll see how I do with a deadline!
  4. Darcstaar

    Liche King and Efreet

    Both minis are great!
  5. Darcstaar


    Something out of Skyrim?
  6. Darcstaar

    Talking to your DM: when a game ends poorly...

    Sorry to hear that. At least though, it was just the DM, and not the entire group. OTOH, one thing I've learned as a DM is that not every DM and player are a good match. I now have two people for whom I will never DM again. One of them agrees, and we're still friends who play in another mutual friends game. The other keeps insisting he wants to play in my games. His problem is that he should really be a DM, and run some games for outlets for all his ideas, rather than try and force them into other people's games. If he DM'd, I'd give one of his games a try in a heartbeat, but I don't ever want him as a player again. I like to try. I like to have a basic framework on which the game is supposed to flow, but fill the details in later, based on info from the PC backgrounds. For example, in one campaign, I had a player who wrote up a background for her PC that her boyfriend left to seek a fortune, but didn't come back, and so she set out after him, only to be caught by some slavers, before escaping and making her way into the world, and eventually meeting the rest of the party while looking for said boyfriend. I took that background of hers and said the boyfriend came back, found she had left, tracked her to the slavers, and then tracked them to where he believed she had been sold, which was a foreign realm he would need an army to conquer and free her from. At that point, he didn't have the resources or muscle to rescue her himself, so he joined up with the campaign bad guy, and became one of his trusted lieutenants, all with the goal of being able to lead an army into this foreign realm and rescued his beloved from the clutches of slavery. When the PCs finally toppled the rule of the bad guy's primary henchman, the boyfriend was promoted to his place, and very effectively hounded the group (the party not know who they were facing, the boyfriend not realizing his girlfriend was a party member) until he finally corned them in a small town. Knowing they were facing a final battle from which they may not come out alive (a lot of the players thought this was the campaign finale), a budding romance between the girlfriend and another PC came to a head when they decided to get married. It was at that point I revealed the identity of their new foe, and the only reason the PCs were able to walk away from the battle was because the boyfriend lost all sense of strategy upon learning the girlfriend he had been working so hard to be able to free was not only free, but had married another man! This wasn't the only example - another of the PC's background story characters (a bully) was yet another lieutenant of the main bad guy, and other PC background's played prominent roles within the campaign. Great plot arc. Classic comedy in the Greek sense of the word!
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    77325 Bone Devil

    His face looks a lot like Bad Ash when he got burned out to just bone, when he is about to take his catapult ride in Army of Darkness. Nice job on the mini.
  8. Darcstaar

    Siri's Felbeast (conversion)

    So awesome! You need to get Metallica or Disturbed or Avenged Sevenfold to sing this, record it, and play it back like those musical greeting cards!
  9. Darcstaar

    03659: Wyvern (Big Pictures)

    Most inspiring and well deserved outcome!
  10. Darcstaar

    painting contest

    Great comments everyone. Thank you.
  11. Darcstaar

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Congrats and good luck! Best health decision you could ever make for yourself!
  12. Darcstaar


    Zinc Lozenges: +5 Fort save vs Con Crud for 3 hours.
  13. Darcstaar

    painting contest

    That's great feedback. I thought for sure Coraldrax would take in Gold! I guess that's the risk for such a big piece! The more paint you throw down, the more paint that has to be perfect. I loved all of your entries Siri!
  14. Darcstaar

    painting contest

    Uber, I can't even fathom how you finished this in time. I was watching your WIP and waiting for the entry to say "oh well, maybe I can enter it next year!" But you pulled it off and it looks great.
  15. Darcstaar

    painting contest

    Yeah, I figured I could sort out the Youngbloods. I didn't know it was a consensus of three judges. That makes a variation more understandable.
  16. Darcstaar

    painting contest

    First of all, congratulations to everyone who entered. I know what an emotional process that contests can be. I thought all of your work was fantastic. Here's a humble request. I looked through the pics of the contest and thought there was a wide variation in quality for the given levels. Without knowing who the pieces belonged to on the official Reapercon post, I saw many entries that I felt should have earned a medal higher, and some that got bronze that maybe should have only been COM. For any of the Forumites who spoke to their judges and got some constructive feedback about why they were scored how they were, would you be willing to share? I would really learn a lot by knowing what trends there were in what the judges were thinking... If this is even allowed!?!
  17. Darcstaar

    Talking to your DM: when a game ends poorly...

    I'm sorry you had this experience, both for the months of abuse by the other players, and the let down by the GM. I'm curious if the GM and two players whose characters got married are all close in real life. It really sounds like playing favorites. If a GM is going to go out of their way to plan a big wedding for two characters, he should be willing to spend the same effort AND in-game time to tie up everyone's backstory. If you still want to play with this group, you have to sit down with the GM and express your frustrations at how he handled all of your concerns. The players need a wake-up call too. One of three things will result: they change for the better, they don't change, or they make things worse for you in future sessions. If they do anything but get better, I'd leave. This is supposed to be a fun game. If it's turned into a chore, it's not worth it.
  18. Darcstaar

    Who is ready for another Reaper Kickstarter?

    Sweet mother of pearl! So much for the smoke and mirrors of "at this time, Reaper has no plans for another Kickstarter." Well played, Reaper, well played!
  19. Darcstaar

    1/3 of the way there - KSII Bones Core Set Humanoids

    That's a great set of characters!
  20. Darcstaar

    MamaGeek WIP: Autumn Ranger

    Very ambitious, but looking great so far. Nice idea for a ranger's temperate autumn Camo.
  21. Darcstaar

    Athrand Nightblade (Bones 77049)

    Very nice! What are you adding to the static grass to look like flowers? Those are really spiffy.
  22. Darcstaar


    Wow. That's a good haul of loot! I'll have to go to RCon one of these years...
  23. Darcstaar

    77381: Dragons Don't Share 2

  24. Darcstaar

    ub3r's ReaperCon Diorama WIP

    Uber, great work so far. The statue is distinct from her alcove. Since she is lighting up with magic, I would play on that with the title. The ogres don't know they're in trouble. Anything implying the paladin isn't going to make it are not great ideas to me. "Final" and "Last" are implying the paladin is already doomed. I would go with something like... Piety's Reward Divine Intervention or Divine Sacrifice Or even words the paladin might be saying like Deliver Me From Evil Protection From Evil Something like that which evokes the idea that the paladin's goddess is going to see him through this, either by granting a spell or boon. (Two of those are spell names, after all). Just my two cents, sorry to not go along completely with your ideas.