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  1. Darcstaar

    Maledrakh's 77329 Silver Dragon

  2. Darcstaar

    Classic Monsters: Frankenstein's Monster (03249)

    Grooaaannnn! That’s flesh golem for great job!
  3. Darcstaar

    Agramon, Bones 1 Kickstarter

    Great idea, well executed! I may steal these.
  4. Darcstaar

    How to creat a Fomorian God with a LOTR Troll

    Interesting idea
  5. Darcstaar

    Rhadz the Reaper Roper (Stone Lurker 77227)

    Very spooky and gory. Nice Halloween mini.
  6. Darcstaar

    My First Reaper Mini

    Welcome. Great first post. I like the color scheme and would like to see some other angles.
  7. Darcstaar

    Bones 4 Skeletal Owlbear

    Very realistic bone color. Good job on the details.
  8. Darcstaar

    Winter Wolf 77437

    Good solid work.
  9. Darcstaar

    The Fall of Plaguestone, Pathfinder 2nd edition

    Shivak (pronounced SHEE-vak) Steeptunnel is an ill-fated dwarf.
  10. Darcstaar

    77285: Skeletal Champion

    Excellent work. Mission accomplished on the purple. He-Man better watch out!
  11. Darcstaar

    77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian

    Nicely converted. Excellent paint job.
  12. Great work. Far more ambitious than I would ever be about sculpting.
  13. Darcstaar

    Gnoll Warriors 77012

    I love gnolls.
  14. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. Kobolds

    Next batch had mold lines removed. Metal minis got white brush on primer and Red Liner on the skin. Bonesium minis got Brown Liner all over and Red Liner on the skin.