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  1. This is a fantastic outcome. Great paint job, classic color scheme.
  2. Excellent work on these skeletal mummies.
  3. This is such a creepy mini. The sickly yellow works.
  4. The purple is a nice shade. Great job on the skin.
  5. I feel like he just had eye sockets. I thought the original sculpt has “eyebrows” and “cheeks” but no eyes. I glued on some small sand grains to act as eyes. Painted “3 mi” with an arrow on the mile marker. Added Weathered Stone and HD Solid White for final rock accents.
  6. The horde swells! Great job on these flesh eaters!
  7. Redstone Shadow on the elemental. Shadowed Stone on the road and mile marker. Walnut Brown, Brown Sand, Desert Stone on the dirt.
  8. Here’s the first new project of 2022. I looked through the forums and saw a few versions of this based on the Redstone Triad. I will try that. I put a few pieces of cobblestone sheet styrene on the base, then flocked with sand. I hope it will look like fragments of an old road when I’m done.
  9. Wow! Super cute. Where did you find this little one?
  10. I use clear yellow or lemon yellow mixed in to the highlight for a little extra punch. These are great. I loved TMNT growing up.
  11. Great job on her fortune telling implements.
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