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  1. Nice classy color scheme. Lovely work on all the fiddly details.
  2. What an awesome sculpt! Love the ghostly purple.
  3. Great shading on the face. Love all the little details, like the stripes.
  4. The figure is splendid. The straw colored flock/grass is quite eye catching.
  5. Wow! Nice dragon, cool story. I guess playing D&D could help pass the time locked away at training camp.
  6. Thanks! Thanks! I think there is a little too little white to the eyes, but I’m happy with the ruddiness I was able to work into the nose and cheeks. Clear Magenta mixed into the skin mid tone.
  7. Finished this up for a large group on Reaper’s Discord. I haven’t really posted much in the show off, as I snap these pics prior to clear coating them. And I don’t then dig out the photo lights and backdrop. Anyway, I wanted more earthy tones for his clothes with a full clay-red type of accent. So it’s the Terran Khaki triad for the robes, and Redstone Triad for the accents and hat. I don’t have the Redstone Highlight, so I just mixed HD Dwarf Flesh into Redstone to get some sort of highlight. Looks like I forgot his beard jewelry. I’ll go back and fix that.
  8. Great work! Despite it being drybrushed, it looks very clean and precise.
  9. Great group of figures. The anchor is my favorite.
  10. Here’s a thought: email [email protected] ask if you can special order what you are looking for. They probably still have the mold, and might be willing to cast it. -Darc
  11. Never trust a doctor wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt under his white coat! He could just be a zombie scientist!
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