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  1. Excellent work. Very good attention to detail around the face.
  2. Worked on the base. Dirt: Walnut Brown, Brown Sand, Desert Stone, some Golden Skin. Rock: Shadowed Stone, Stone Grey, Weathered Stone, Agrax Earthshade, Waywatcher Green. Stump: Woodstain Brown, Shield Brown, Driftwood Brown, Waywatcher Green.
  3. Eyeballs are different size, shape and placement, so gaze is not perfectly aligned. Linen White, Fresh Blood, Hearth Fire, Candlelight Yellow and the lining mix.
  4. Mouth and nostrils: Royal Purple, BCA Pink, Brains Pink. Teeth: Ruddy Leather, Stained Ivory, Linen White.
  5. Excellent. Nice simple color scheme pulled off quite well.
  6. Regaining his composure a little, and worried by the Magicky Goblin, Brim swings wildly to try to carve a path to the one in back. Attacking the one already engaged with: 10+3=13 To Hit 3+5=8 damage if hits.
  7. Jasper, you have more patience than I. I can hardly be troubled to glue a pair of wings on a dragon!
  8. Great! Such a rainbow of color AND temperature.
  9. Hope your finger feels better. Any chance you have a splinter or shard of hobby knife/sprue?
  10. Walnut Brown. So, I envision this forest dragon can change its coloration with the seasons. In Autumn it makes its wings orange and adds mottling like rustling leaves, for camouflage.
  11. 1:2 Hearth Fire:Candlelight Yellow. Thinned glaze of 1:1 Bloodletter:Lamenters Yellow.
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