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  1. Well, I have some hope, given the current kickstarter for CAV. If Warlord was dead CAV was dead, cold, and decomposed but now there is a kickstarter going to get the minis produced and a promise of a new edition in hardback. So, maybe next year we will see a warlord kickstarter which I think would be better than a Bones III only because it would be more interesting (tons of minis and a game!). Let's cross our fingers and keep communicating our interest!
  2. Yeah, I also would like to see more support for warlord. I have the first edition rules and second edition, and just ordered a copy of savage north from amazon. I also have the necropolis book and man, it is awesome. I love the fluff and that it included a special scenario for undead. A kickstarter releasing factions in bones and updated rules and fluff would be awesome as this seems to bea. Very underrated game and could probably do much better in sales with a more robust marketing push and kickstarter platform (heck, who knows, maybe the CAV kickstarter is a test run for warlord). One thing I don't understand though is, why were so much of the rules cut out between first and second edition? I miss things like volley ranged attack, looting bodies, coup de grace, stunts, battling through doors, and the awesome campaign rules and other things. I guess the second edition is a bit more simple, but a lot of the other cool rules would make good optional advanced rules. I hope this game comes back in force.
  3. Yeah, I saw that, but it was hoping to find the campaign record sheets from the back of the first edition rules, if possible. It looks like a really fun system.
  4. So, in warlord first edition there was a really cool set of rules for campaign play. Any chance of getting those rules as a PDF or, at least being able to get a PDF of the reference sheets for tracking information?
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