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  1. The Dropzone commander buildings are a good value for what comes in the box. Saw Tomix (I think) on clearance at TRU. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you check out if they have the model railroad stuff. I saw some Model Power stuff there cheap in N scale and they at one time made an entire 'military' line of buildings in kit and prebuilt form.
  2. CAVBOSS that card looks awesome and I can't wait to see the rest.
  3. Cool!! Construction rules allow you to field your favorite other unused mecha miniatures in your 'for fun' games against your friends. I can understand why you can't use them in tournament battles, but it allows you to try your hand at engineering.
  4. Ada, OH. Jumped in for 'a few' items on the kickstarter. I'm at ACE and look forward to receiving them to start teaching my group how to play. Wish it was July!
  5. Tanks CAVBOSS. That is more than I could have hoped for on stat cards,
  6. Don't think I will be wanting for initiative decks. Got 25 unopened decks I found when we moved.
  7. 1/350 works for me. Smaller aircraft would give you kind of the feeling of that high altitude strafing/bombing effect on the table. Kind of a cool effect and with a smaller size they might be easier to play around.
  8. This has probably already asked, but will the cards have pictures of the unit it represents? That would be an easy way for teaching new players to help them ID their models till they get the hang of what is what. Also another option for printing out the PDF would be to have 4-6 cads in a page, print them and have them laminated so all you have to do is cut them apart. You could do this at home, or at your local office supply store that has printing services. Then all you need is wet or dry erase markers. That is what I usually do. Saves ink too if you can get them printed there also. That's what I usually do.
  9. More post apocalyptic, Non 'Terminators' Mutants Modern Fire team Pulp type heroes/villains ANYTHING COOL!
  10. So many sci=fi type skirmish rules available that these minis fit into, Combat Zone, Babylon's Burning, New World Disorder, Necromunda, Future Wars etc. The possibilities are endless.
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