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  1. From Indianapolis. Ah! I have not been very active on the forums due to life reasons, but heck yes, I'd like to participate. Thanks for contacting me!
  2. I'm so happy you rescued some of the bin-minis! They're going to a good home! Especially that eagle. He'd been in the $1 bin for eons, and I'm the only one who gets anything out of there. I loved him but knew I wasn't confident enough to restore him to his former glory, so I look forward to seeing what you do with him! I certainly did! There should be enough for everyone in the circuit, +1 for when it gets back to the circuit starter, provided everyone takes one. :)
  3. So I'm probably just terribly unobservant but I totally didn't realize that Forescale was supposed to be a communal paintjob. Man, I totally suck, guys. I'm sorry. Ulf will have to paint my part for me. XD
  4. Eeee, the package is supposed to reach Ulfheathen today! I'm excited to see what he takes! :D
  5. Maybe I'm just looking at this all the wrong way. Maybe it wasn't an accident... MAYBE the pen's a HOSTAGE instead! Yes, yes, it's all coming together now...
  6. Siiiigh. Guys. I just realized I accidentally stole one of the pens that was shipped in the box. :( I'm a monster. Next loop around, I'll include a whole metric butt-ton of pens to make up for it. I'm sorry guys.
  7. Alright! Sir Forscale has ventured onward and should reach his next destination on the 22nd! This has been a lesson for me. I need to learn where to go and how to ship to save money in the future...
  8. Woah...what were the odds... Well, you have fine tastes, my friend. Also, I am so excited about the Hangin' Judge. Unfortunately, I won't have time to paint much until next month. :( But yeah, I did some major box organizing today. There's a lot of stuff. :P
  9. Also, not to give away any spoilers, but I'm including a couple empty 3"x4" bags in the 'free' portion so we can save space in the box while separating, say, a batch of skellies from the rest of the lot.
  10. Here's my SECOND crappy phone pic showing what I snagged! (Not shown: A couple of bases from the free bag.) (Warning: I maaay have accidentally put twice as many figures into the box as I took out... I get excited.)
  11. While in Indiana, Sir Forscale encounters his deadliest foe yet... (Unfortunately, I don't have an SD card for my camera at the moment, so crappy phone pic it is.) I'll be shipping it out tomorrow. Leaving some presents for future recipients!
  12. I don't know why I waited until the last day to post pics I already had. I'm a derp. 77153: Nagendra Stalker As most of you probably know by now, this was one of my first ever mini painting attempts and I love his little snaky self to bits.
  13. Ohmygosh, this looks like a ton of fun. I'd love to be involved. Midwest Murika!
  14. D: You met Brom?! So jealous! I saw his little panel/seminar thing last Gen Con. He seemed super cool and I've always loved his work. Though to be fair, "back in the 90s" I was a bit too young to be going to cons. :P By the time I got to see him at his panel, he was WAY to famous for me to hang out with. But yeah, I agree entirely with the point you're making. One of the best times I had at a con was this past Gencon. Usually I sell art at cons and don't get to leave the table. Gen Con is my fun con. At a Onyx Path freelancing seminar, I started talking to this girl and my beau and I hung
  15. AHHHH! CUTIES! The colors look so good! The blues just look stellar coupled with the orangey browns!
  16. Thank you! I appreciate the Baldur's Gate portrait. :P
  17. Her skirt is frikkin amazing! I love the color gradient! And the tiling on the base. Simple but perfect!
  18. Ahhh! What a cutie! I love the teeth and claws! Also just digging the overall color scheme! I agree with Slashhamster that a slight gradient or change in the green would really make him pop, but I do really love him!
  19. My need is mighty and my heart is pure! Unfortunately, my wallet is collecting lint. Aaaand even though I'm new to mini-painting, I know that I treat my minis poorly enough that purchasing this beautiful thing would be a bad idea. But he's so damn pretty.
  20. Thanks for all the positive posts, guys. Once again, I'm pretty floored by how supportive this community is.
  21. I was actually thinking paisley, but I do like ocelot spots.
  22. I have actually ordered the Shadow Dragon mostly for the very fact that it is a sexy sexy dragon. I wasn't really aware that it had no scales, though, so now I'm a bit nervous. I understand dry-brushing and it's use (even if I'm still working on the execution,) but I dunno how I'm going to work with a scale-less dragon. :| Meep.
  23. Haha, most certainly! I've had three dragons just chilling out in my shopping cart for the past few days. They're all soooo beautiful! And I've actually considered repainting some of the ones I already have, but I've had them since I was 12, so I worry about destroying the sentimental value. :P BUT, I will definitely be getting myself a dragon soon enough!
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