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    Role playing, painting, SCA, theater, crocheting, cross stitching, sewing and hopefully getting a real job after college!<br />In the pic, I'm the one with horns and the other is my significant significant -----<@ (thats supposed to be a rose btw)

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  1. FuzzyIzmit

    Stolen from Dragon Con

    Thats for the suggestion. I will let them know about the FB cause might help them out.
  2. FuzzyIzmit

    Stolen from Dragon Con

    An acquaintance of mine from another site (etsy) had a one of a kind steam punk piece stolen from Dragon Con this year and is trying to find it. I am just trying to spread the word so that hopefully he can find it. Here is a link to the whole story with pics.
  3. FuzzyIzmit

    Nurgle Sorcerer

    Yeah, that dead horse skin looks amazing! I love the scythe too!
  4. FuzzyIzmit

    Daemonette Standard Bearer

    I LOVE the skin tone!
  5. FuzzyIzmit


    Absolutely beautiful! You guys make me want to start to paint again... then throw it all away because I could never do anything this beautiful!
  6. FuzzyIzmit


    You have a great eye for conversions!
  7. FuzzyIzmit

    Shiny Mini-sub

    I just love it Froggy!
  8. FuzzyIzmit

    Zombie Bird

    I would pay money for a bird like that!
  9. FuzzyIzmit

    Zombie Bird

    I had to post this... my husband read it to me and I laughed so hard I cried. Enjoy! http://archive.gamespy.com/dailyvictim/index.asp?id=570
  10. FuzzyIzmit

    The passing of Gary Gygax

    I saw this and just had to repost it. http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/03/04/d...-of-gary-gygax/ And yes, his funeral is going to get swamped. Maybe they dont understand how many people his work has touched.
  11. FuzzyIzmit

    The passing of Gary Gygax

    That tribute on OOTS is really touching. He will be missed. His work as touched a lot of lives.
  12. FuzzyIzmit

    Save energy...

    I find this dark background actually easier on my eyes... and my laptop colors are black background with white letters. To each their own, I guess.
  13. FuzzyIzmit

    Save energy...

    One of the computers in one of the help rooms I frequent on campus now has this at it's default browser. It is supposed to save energy by having a black (low energy) background. Interesting idea and an easy way to lessen your energy use. Check it out...they even have source scientific studies on this kind of thing. http://www.blackle.com/
  14. FuzzyIzmit

    Not mini related at all

    My fireball necklace made the front page of Etsy.com! I am so excited! So many people are viewing and making my shop a favorite! Wow! Come take a look...or you can see a screen capture on my blog. Etsy: http://www.etsy.com Blog: http://fuzzyizmit.blogspot.com
  15. FuzzyIzmit

    Awesome Commercial

    I am surprised no one else likes this...oh well...