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  1. Yeah the most effective way I have seen of enhancing the details on miniatures for display is to just use a black ink on the bare emtal miniature. It works very well and one of my local retailers uses it on alot of their ranges..
  2. Hi, I'm the trouble maker who asked this question.. It would be good to get some clarification just so I can explain myself when people ask why i think my cav can see through that low wall in front of it etc.
  3. Fatboy

    IDF Rules Question

    OK, thanks for that guys.
  4. Fatboy

    IDF Rules Question

    OK, thanks. Do they both drift on the same roll or seperate drift rolls?
  5. Fatboy

    IDF Rules Question

    OK, this is a problem that hasn't mattered up till now but will once my Outlaws arrive. Models that have multiple IF missiles how do they work. After reading through the rules closely it seems to say that a TL roll is made as normal, if you are on target then both IF weapons hit but if you miss then they both scatter. However someone in our grouphas this idea that the TL only appplies to the 1st weapon and the second missile always scatters. Now this seems a bit silly and inconsistent with the rest of the rules to me. But anyway, can someone please clarify.....
  6. This program is great!! Goodbye armybuilder. Thanks guys.
  7. Fatboy

    CAV 2nd Edition

    I agree, this has just created more unknown than before......will RoE still be released? And how long till this new edition appears?
  8. Fatboy

    Starhawk VI

    So where's the pics?
  9. What a can of worms And all interesting OK, so out of all that is there any indication yet as to when either the new print of the rule book, or rules of engagment will be released? Even an approximate month would do.......
  10. Yes, the citadel ones are good but most sable brushes will last a reasonable amount of time if looked after. One tip I always use, is after using a brush and rinsing it, I always suck on the tip, this helps it maintain a good point.
  11. Oh yeah, should have added that, it is good but not friendly to the fingers if you aren't careful.
  12. Ok, yes thanks, that's what I meant. So there is no release date yet?
  13. One word.....Acetone. It's cheap, strong, fast and effective, and it evaporates so leaves next to no residue.
  14. Forgive my ignorance as a newb if this is a stupid question. I had heard that the new edition of rules for CAV was due out sometime in the middle of this year. Does anybody know more accurately when it is due now that we are closer to the prophecied time?
  15. I totally agree on this one, they annoy the heck outta me too, and I also think they are ugly. Surely slottas would be easier?
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