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  1. Pfthack. My upper respiratory tract tastes of bloody mucus (or incense-flavored. I can't really tell). That exotic wood sawdust was a lot worse than I thought it'd be.


    Time to cut out my exceptions to my PPE usage I guess. From now on, N95 mask at all times in the shop.


    A pungent reminder that complacency kills I guess.

    1. Arc 724

      Arc 724

      Hope you feel better! 

  2. Seriously considering building a recurve bow riser. It's probably not a good idea for my first bow, but it doesn't look that hard...


    (if it turns out to be that hard, feel free to rub this post in my face)

  3. Oooh, first of the new Sisters of Battle sculpts revealed.


    I think that pain is my wallet weeping.

  4. Uh. Wow. So my Sister of Battle Terminator kind of blew up on tumblr... not a nuke, but say... satchel charge.


    It's gotten a like and reblog from an actual 40k author for the Black Library.


    Sempai noticed me!

  5. I've wanted a cross-slide table for a long time, but I've always been wary of the cheap tables that aren't much more than a pair of threaded rods. For the drill press, if nothing else.


    But I got to thinking... while milling with the drill press is a terrible idea (seriously, don't do it, it might maim or kill you when the chuck flies out at 2000 rpm), my Dremel is built to handle radial loading. And it does accept carbide bits. So potentially it could be used as a metal mill.


    So I've ordered a Proxxon KT70 X-Y table. Proxxon has a decent reputation; unlike Dremel, while they do make small rotary tools, they also do make full-on mills. When it arrives I'll tear it down and make a decision:


    a) The table is garbage and it'll go onto the drill press and that'll be the end of that.

    b) The table is suitable, I'll start building my own nano-mill, and document the process in my studio / workshop page.


    I'm really hopeful since Proxxon actually sells the KT70 as part of their own full-up nano-mill setup. Depending on how good the table is I might have to start buying more Proxxon tools... they have a pen lathe that looks interesting...

  6. A few shop improvements. Got an 80-grit belt for my micro belt sander for heavy stock removal (it's really designed to sharpen knives and tools, not turn raw steel into part blanks).


    Replaced the annoying table lock bolt on my drill press with an M10 cam-lever bolt. Now with a simple flip of the lever I can lock the table in place.

  7. Started sculpting again... kind of.


    So I've been working on a group set of eight minis, and one of them is Statuesque Minatures's Bella the Partisan.


    She's a decent sculpt, finely detailed, no flash, But among the set are some Corvus Belli Infinity female minis... and they kind of show up Bella a lot. Finer details, more dynamic poses, more unified design, less of skimpy crop tops and short shorts... and the thing that bugged me most about Bella, some meat on their bones. Bella is fashion-model thin and rail-lean.


    So, to fix that, I broke out the Procreate, and added some flesh to her hips and thighs. And then I decided I didn't like Bella's head that much, and I'd gotten some of Statuesque's extra heads, so why not swap for this head? And while I'm at it, her arms aren't very dynamically posed, snip snip...


    That leaves me with two sculpted legs and a torso. Honestly I probably would have been better off with a maquette. But seeing this has given me ideas for refining my own maquette proportions, so it's not a total loss...

  8. Transformer powering our whole block caught fire in the middle of a record-setting heat wave. Not fun.


    Power's back on now though, but heat isn't getting any better.


    At least this happened after the Bones 4 KS ended.

    1. Pingo


      Yikes. ::o: 


      Glad you're okay.

  9. ...is it really too much to ask for a reasonably dressed female model bust?

  10. Getting back to work on Excelsy. Probably the most expensive mini I've gotten, so... I'd better finish it! It'd be a waste otherwise.

  11. Whoops. Forgot to wash my pewter, so a few flakes of primer and paint came off. Oh well., I'll deal with it.

  12. Built a flyswatter static grass applicator... though there's room for improvement in the design. Also getting the distinct impression that Woodland Scenics grass just isn't long enough for 30mm scale, and puny for anything bigger. So time to look for a 6mm grass supplier...

  13. Forgot how frustrating Apoxie Sculpt can be, even as I get better at it. But it's my only real choice for big sculpts unless I want to use polymer clays...

  14. Because I've finished so many big sculptures (sarcasm), I've decided to start an even bigger one, at roughly 108mm scale. Concept: http://i.imgur.com/5hLBfcQ.jpg

  15. Sculpting a new pilot for my 1:48 J7W Shinden. More or less Reaper-sized, really.

  16. Discovered a site full of kimono, haori, and obi for auction, and reawakened my love of fine crafts. Painting up a few minis in Japanese fabric patterns.

  17. Painting up up the Lady-Captain (seriously I made that name up on the fly)... the face came out quite nice, actually. Maybe I don't suck as much as I feared.

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