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  1. I got my Book today! Woot. Comparing it to the CAV: SO preview PDF I see that the book went through some MAJOR rethinking. //Graphic design is much better by the way. // So now, what about a PDF version? Thoughts? Plans? Will come free for KS backers?
  2. kwixson

    CAV: SO Sneak Peek

    Humble suggestion... The page background makes my eyes sad. It's hard to read the rules with that textured background. Everything around it is fine, like the rusty diamond-plate border. The text area, though, looks like someone took a hack "brushed metal" Photoshop tutorial on the web a little too seriously. Just use plain white or a 10% gray or bluefish gray, maybe dirty the edges and around the corner bolts a bit. Please and thank you. Full disclosure: trained graphic designer