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  1. This was the video I did to celebrate the end of the Kickstarter and to thank all the Reaper Peeps for their hard work!!!... oh, and adding all the stretch goals!!! #ReaperRocks
  2. This is the animation I did in response to our Kickstarter Pledge Troll problem.
  3. @Foxden Racing, this was definitely an homage to that classic cartoon with a wink and a nudge to Monty Python.
  4. Here is the Kickstarter Troll animation that got me challenged to a round of fisticuffs by said Troll.
  5. I started this thread to share some of the CAV inspired animations I created during the Kickstarter. If you have some cool art or animations you did then share them here too!!! Here is a link to the one that kicked it all off.
  6. Not a fan of the half scale Idea. I like the designs of the aircraft and would prefer them to be as close to full scale as possible. Fix it in the fluff and give me some Big Badass Air Cav to go along with my Big Stompy Robots.
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