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  1. Just wanted to share my 2c on the Swag boxes for this year (and the last virtual con as well), and would love to hear what other I did get the two boxes, but had a really hard time pulling the trigger, the reason being all the boxes feel like they have a lot of 'filler', specially for those of us that have attended for a couple of years. The bundle discount and coupons help soften the blow, but still hard to justify. Minis and paints are great as usual, so no complains or concerns there My concerns: - Promo items (stickers, cups, pen, notebook): Some of us have multiples of those, and they are also available on the reaper bucks store or even free here and there - Extras (painting handle, wet palette, cyber glasses and other stuff from virtual expo): Not everyone is interested on these items, feel like they just bump up the 'value' of the box My suggestion would be to keep two boxes: - Swag box with all the 20XX promo items, any 'cool' extras (like the palete/holder, cyber glasses thingie) and minis that are available for purchase individually (i.e. the yearly Sophie and mousling), so that people not interested in the 'swag' can purchase those minis as well - Collector box, with con exclusive Reaper minis and paints (i.e. the washes, con triad, the dragon busts, etc) Don't mean to sound nitpicky, just my humble opinion. And thanks to the Reaper team for an amazing con as usual!
  2. This is extremely sad news to me. The metal trade/custom casting was without a doubt my favorite part of the con. Thank you for the consideration for those of us that have accrued credit over the years, thats is greatly appreciated!
  3. First of all, thanks to all Reaper employees, artists, vendors, volunteers and attendants for making an overall awesome con. TLDR: Great con, COVID sucks, see you all next year Getting the elephant out of the room first: COVID made the con challenging, as a participant wearing the mask all day was hard on the ears, fogging glasses are not great for classes and hearing instructors over mask is not the easiest either, but all in all Reaper pulled it off Classes: - New teachers made a great debut (Dev Sodagar in particular from my classes) - Glen Phillips' handout on the Makeup class was amazing, super detailed and with great tips - Small number of participants made it easier to participate and get feedback - TVs and cameras were much better than trying to huddle behind the instructor, please keep them! - The 1:30 runtime wasn't the best though, most classes felt really rushed. I'm assuming this was related to cleaning protocols, but it might have been better to move the schedule (i.e. class 9-11, next starts at 11:30). - I don't know if this was requested of the instructors (COVID safety?), but this year all classes had a "Choose your colors" dynamic, vs other years where we would get the color recipe for the class. I'm sure that is an important skill to learn, but the wrong colors can really mess up the learning of a technique (i.e. glazing) - Nitpicking: The supplies prepared for class included only one sheet of paper towel, which would be used for the wet palette, leaving us without paper, so on most classes people had to go to the supplies bucket and get some more (same with amount of water included on the cups) MSP: - Great idea to have a separate area! Really helped with appreciating the amazing entries - Loved the pre-registration, hope we keep it General Area: - Please, please, please keep the Brinewind store. The only way to win something on the auction is to pool with others, and for us socially challenged people that means we usually are left with a bunch of useless reaperbucks at the end of the con (I usually donate them to whoever I'm sitting with, or younger attendees trying to win something). Also, adding some low cost prizes (as someone mentioned, single paints or single bones) would be great as well. - Great to see new vendors and the rise of 3d printing (loved the misprint buckets that bombshell and rumbeard had!), and sad to see some of the regulars couldn't make it, I hope they are all aright (missed FyreSyde publishing in particular) - Was really confused about the massage gun though... - Would love some general presentation/panels/interviews as someone else already suggested to be performed on the main stage. - Metal trade keeps being my favorite part of the con (talk about a kid on a toy store 😄 ), big thank you to the metal trade team on the con and factory! Reaper Store: - Need more paints! The clears were OOO most of the con 😞 - Any chance we could have prices visible? Old figures have it on the board, but newer bones and box sets lack it, so it's more work for the people taking care of the store as we have to ask them about prices. - As others mentioned, would have loved to see the full swag/hotels miniatures on stock - The store was really nicely organized, the people nice as always, good variety on what was available (kolinsky brushes!) Not con related: - Komodo Loco on downtown is a great restaurant, try the Beef Tataki - Hoochie's is not - If you have a car, you should take a side trip to Daiso of Japan over at Carrolton Town Center, they sell a lot of organizational stuff useful for mini painters, including display stands on several different sizes, and all at very affordable prices
  4. Howdy Reaper folks, Are there any plans to release the RVE commemorative paint set and miniatures as individual items? Thanks!
  5. I'd love to see some Bones busts: - Female hero (with lots of armor) - Monster (with lots of exposed skin and musculature, think orc or ogre) - Male wizard/rogue (with lots of cloth/leather/straps) This is for all of us aspiring bust painters that want to practice, but are hesitant on doing it on those 40-80 busts out there.
  6. Got mine, thanks Reaper's gals and guys! And bonus kobolds!
  7. Is it already sold out? Or is it not available yet? (I see the listing, but 0 stock)
  8. Yeah, was a little shocked about the big (but understandable) price increase. Even the ones that are lecture/demo only (which used to go for $10). Still got a full schedule haha but will arrive on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night to save on one hotel night. Definitely the process went much more smoothly than last year, kudos to Bryan/Reaper! Also, when will Jess offer the Hot Chicks class more than one day? second year I fail to get in, sold out 1 minute after opened :o
  9. Love her! Excellent use of a limited color selection with endless variation
  10. Looks really good, love the dark lining, really brings out the musculature. The most impressive though: the photo! please do share your secrets. The focus is right on point and the lighting is perfect (at least to my inexperienced eyes)
  11. Cool mini, very Mumra-ish, and great work on the painting, specially on the book
  12. I rarely partake in the 12 days promo, but the combination of the holiday paints (at a really nice price to boot), the Christmas bard and those nice/naughty checklisters is just irresistible.
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