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  1. I'd love to see some Bones busts: - Female hero (with lots of armor) - Monster (with lots of exposed skin and musculature, think orc or ogre) - Male wizard/rogue (with lots of cloth/leather/straps) This is for all of us aspiring bust painters that want to practice, but are hesitant on doing it on those 40-80 busts out there.
  2. HenryRequiem

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Got mine, thanks Reaper's gals and guys! And bonus kobolds!
  3. HenryRequiem

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Thanks! that's great news
  4. HenryRequiem

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Is it already sold out? Or is it not available yet? (I see the listing, but 0 stock)
  5. HenryRequiem

    Reapercon classes

    Yeah, was a little shocked about the big (but understandable) price increase. Even the ones that are lecture/demo only (which used to go for $10). Still got a full schedule haha but will arrive on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night to save on one hotel night. Definitely the process went much more smoothly than last year, kudos to Bryan/Reaper! Also, when will Jess offer the Hot Chicks class more than one day? second year I fail to get in, sold out 1 minute after opened :o
  6. HenryRequiem


    Love her! Excellent use of a limited color selection with endless variation
  7. HenryRequiem

    03407 :: Hellborn Troll

    Looks really good, love the dark lining, really brings out the musculature. The most impressive though: the photo! please do share your secrets. The focus is right on point and the lighting is perfect (at least to my inexperienced eyes)
  8. HenryRequiem


    Wow, that is once nice big mini. Awesome job! Congrats on finishing her!
  9. HenryRequiem

    Hastur Cultist, Warlock DnD. GW kitbash.

    Cool mini, very Mumra-ish, and great work on the painting, specially on the book
  10. HenryRequiem

    14022: Lysette, Elven Mage (as Allana of the Glade)

    Really nice choice of colors and nice paintwork
  11. I rarely partake in the 12 days promo, but the combination of the holiday paints (at a really nice price to boot), the Christmas bard and those nice/naughty checklisters is just irresistible.
  12. HenryRequiem

    Getting To Know Each Other - November 2016

    Ambiguous moral decisions
  13. HenryRequiem

    Anyone using Army Painter Paints?

    I started using them due to a sale on a mega set. so I was painting everything with AP + Vallejo available on Hobby Lobby. My experience was similar to yours, they came out very very thick, and thinning them made them weird. I'm trying to use only Reaper now and they have much better results, from consistency to finish (AP dried between glossy/tacky, while reaper dries a nice matter finish).
  14. HenryRequiem

    Galaxy Defenders - Agent Thorium

    Really nice! Like the highlights on the visor
  15. HenryRequiem

    Hasslefree's Hayden HFD027

    Awesome, love the subtle shading and transitions on the pants and skin