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  1. I received my mini from OneBoot from the 2015 Summer Exchange and it was absolutely awesome!
  2. Received my mini today from OneBoot! It was packaged perfectly and arrived safe and sound. It's absolutely awesome! I love the plate armor and especially the ornate look with the white color of the plate with the darker tone pattern. The base as nicely down as well. I couldn't be any happier with the piece. She also included a ton of goodies and a snake made out of green stuff. Awesome job! Goodies:
  3. I have finished and mailed my mini. It's my second mini painting. I believe I did a much better job on this one than my first exchange painting. Hope the receiver likes it!
  4. I shipped mine out today. First mini I've completed ever. Hope the recipient likes it.
  5. I plan to send mine out on Monday as well. This was my first exchange and really the first mini I have completed. I hope the recipient likes it.
  6. Hey guys. I just received my exchange in the mail today! I must say it is amazing! I'm new to this whole exchange/painting thing (my friend Kharsin introduced me). So I must say I was very excited to receive my exchange. I actually received it at work and when I took the mini out of the box several of my coworkers (and myself) were astonished at the level of detail and the obvious skill in the painting. It is a barbarian scaling a wall with his battle axe swinging. I love the colors that were chosen for his clothing and the level of detail in the boots and belt. One of my favorite parts of the
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