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  1. No Friday update... still placing the order in may or will there be time for unlocks first? There was a lot of push to lock so the initial stuff could get sent but now it seems like an unlock may not happen. At least that's what it looks like from the outside.
  2. Nice job on the leg! Are you trying to blind people with the paint job? I think I need to go out and use a saline solution on my eyes. ;-)
  3. They look good Patrick. Do you have a new pic?
  4. I was one of the ones who did that. Here is a pic.
  5. Reaper needs to name a CAV after you Girot!
  6. I guess the idea is bug the people still playing a little bit in hopes of getting it where lots of people will want to play.
  7. There were a LOT of thin coats on these, hydrophobic too say the least. Haven't decided on my accent color yet, my wife suggested yellow or orange. I like the blue angels but I don't want to look like a late 80's muscle car. ;-) Also the blue is "cobalt blue" from apple barrel. Yep, $.50 for 2oz.
  8. Get some plastic Wal-Mart cutting boards and a saw, that will do it !
  9. Bases for buildings? Maybe some coasters or floor tiles? Haha
  10. Talon-Games website has absolutely nothing useful on it, are they actually doing anything right now? Just a CAV image and a Kickstarter poster with a link to CAVhq.com that takes you back to the same page.
  11. I'm pretty sure the program is something they used in house and is only being released as a courtesy iirc, probably not something they will spend extra time/money on.
  12. I ordered some more back 2 base-ix bases from eBay. This time 30mm and 50mm to go with the 40mm pieces I already bought. Here are some pics for size comparison. The 3 bases side by side, I labeled them so it would be easy to see the difference. The 3 in a stack, 30mm 40mm 50mm 30mm 40mm 50mm
  13. Man 1 building is half the price of the CAV Kickstarter. I'll stick with the dropzone commander cityscape for now.
  14. My buddy and I are probably just running merc groups until we are slid on the rules, faction things will just be more to remember for us. Looking forward to quick play rules showing up. Cavboss will the quick rules be public info before the book posts so we can start learning?
  15. Yeah there were 6 listed in the Kickstarter but 7 listed here. Is the new group just fielding Ritterlich?
  16. Yay for a quick version! I've never played CAV and I'm only 25 pages into the SO rules.
  17. I haven't had the time/weather to get paint on theses guys yet but as it was 30* last night I figured I would at least get a first coat on my Ritterlich aces. Not a good paint job by any means so let's see what everyone else has been doing. Also, don't cut the bases off before you paint, it really helps having them there to hold them without touching the CAV. Just fyi.
  18. If I'm not mistaken the bones CAV aircraft pieces will be the same scale as the bones CAV units.
  19. Yeah, I'm not sure why they don't allow external links(though I can think of quite a few reasons) so if you want someone to find something you can say: check Amazon for "Plano 2-3700 Prolatch Stowaway (four pack)" and they will find it. Remove the quotes of course. I'm pretty sure that is allowed and will get you to the right item but isn't going to cause an issue with the moderators. (or if it does this will end up a pretty useless post lol)
  20. Hold them in the position you want(after you take them out of the boiling water of course) then put them in ice water. If you don't hold it there you may get poor results.
  21. Let's see some pictures or are your statements... wait for it... "baseless" haha.
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