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  1. Thanks All and to the creators of the comparisons
  2. Hello all, This is not about the quality of paint but for a color comparison. I was recently asked to do a paint job by a friend. He supplied the paint; Citadel just awful to use. Has anyone done a color comparison to match up approximate equivalents between a Citadel paint and Reaper paint. I can only get Reaper paints online now; and comparing the display colors in the store has not worked out that well for me. Thanks, Gene
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions. Will try all the techniques and see how it goes. Gene
  4. hello everyone, I have some Bones miniatures I am going to paint and was wondering if anyone has any suggestion for adding square or round bases to the minis. Do you just attach the mini as is to a base? Has anyone removed the figure from their integral base and attached to a new base? Thanks in advance. Gene
  5. Thanks Devin, That's where I was leaning, but the lack of a red in the kit kind of throws me. I will likely supplement it with a few reds.
  6. Hello all, So I decided to start painting after an almost 20 year(yes I am that old) absence from the hobby. I have a number of unpainted figures but 0 paints. The only paints I find in the shops near me are the Citadel line and I was never much of a fan. Reading reviews Reaper seems to be getting very positive reviews. So I have decided to give them a try. Now the question; bare minimum to start with? Do I buy 10 paints or go with the new Learn to Paint Kit? If I pickup a variety of paints to start with what should they be? I want to try this again but I don't want to spend a lot and I tend to overthink EVERYTHING. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Gene
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