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  1. You can also use your old controllers, as long as you don't need the analog sticks/force feedback.
  2. Looking at him, should be easy to convert that sword to a spear -- mebbe that's the solution. In all seriousness, affixing his sword blade to a pole making a sort of naginata would be pretty wicked.
  3. I'm painting the Celtos Beastman from their two pack with the sword pointing straight up, the one on the right in the attached pic. Having only made a couple half-hearted attempts at NMM (in addition to not really having painted in years), I decided to pick something easy like this sword. (Egads!) Think I have the edges worked out -- it's the large flat bit in the center that I'm not really sure what to do with. (Not really interested in doing SE, btw, though it looks like that may be the only way to make this look right.) I was hoping someone here would know of painted pics of this guy online, preferably done in NMM. From the looking around I've done, I'm not sure he's EVER been painted. Not sure why, either, as I love the mini. Thanx ahead, BRiaN
  4. Heh.. I made something similar -- it's a length of 1x1 with a hook mounted at one end, the other end butted into a piece of 1x4, held to the table with a C-clamp.. Looks like Micromark has something like what you're looking for here though: Flex Shaft Stand. Hope this helps, BRiaN
  5. It's live now: http://personals.yahoo.com/us/cybersycophant. Experience the majesty that is me! LOL...
  6. Of course, proximity wasn't one of your criteria.. I'm about 500 miles away..
  7. Short answer? Nothing you can do... People on personals sites are just as oblivious as those in everyday life... I'm something of a semi-professional online personals user at this point (been doing it about a year) and problems with men who are too old contacting you are pretty prevalent -- I believe just about every girl I've met has had the same problem. I think I fit your criteria, tho! ;) Here's my Yahoo personal: http://personals.yahoo.com/us/cybersycophant. Changed the description, so it's being reviewed atm, may be a few hours before it's up...
  8. Heh.. I go to those sort of places, and have been "seen out in eyeliner" as well. This stuff is great. I love the music, but the people are so stuck into their little cliques, it's no wonder the subculture is destroying itself. Way I always refer them is that they're "different just like all their friends", conforming in their non-conformity. Hah! Dancing for me is like what Fuzzy described. I can't even show you how I dance without the music and the groove. It's nirvana, catharsis. My music is somewhat in the ebm/synthpop vein. I have some stuff at http://www.zebox.com/terminusest if anyone wants to give a listen.
  9. Am I the only one who had to watch this over and over? It was like a train wreck -- you can't help but stop and gape...
  10. Hey, I'm still single a few days a week.. Ladies, there's still room!
  11. As for the burial vs cremation debate and "I don't care what happens to me, I'm dead.": Funerals are for the living.
  12. I've heard of using dish soap; is that the same thing? Done for the same reason, but you wanna use Flow Improver... It's not as if it's that expensive, considering you thin it with (preferrably distilled) water, and you're not using that much of it.... Goes by several different names -- the stuff I use is Liquitex's Flow-Aid, which is labeled a "Flow Enhancer".... There's a good article on the Reaper site about such additives....
  13. Don't forget the DM T-shirt and the cape then. Vital stuff Kim Yeah, I'll just haveta figure out how to incorporate more latex and studs into that outfit... I definitely wouldn't add latex and studs. What are you thinking, that would ruin the look. You run the risk of actually looking cool if you add that stuff. sorry, guess that's a shortcoming of mine What WAS I thinking? Those hotties are obviously hip to that look, so why would I risk ruining it? Best thing to do would probably be to schedule a "What Not to Wear"-esque session with the "Majestic DM", let him go through my wardrobe. Then I could emulate his particular je ne c'est quoi, and get all the gamer hotties! There's a pitch for their next show, a spinoff! They could give makeovers to suave, attractive guys!
  14. Don't forget the DM T-shirt and the cape then. Vital stuff Kim Yeah, I'll just haveta figure out how to incorporate more latex and studs into that outfit...
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