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  1. Thanks all. I ordered the set and a couple of washes. Got some Windsor newton series 7 on their way (those are what I used to use) and soap to take care of the brushes.
  2. This one: https://www.reapermini.com/search/Reaper Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints Basic Set But I believe that the one you linked is a smaller set of the same kind of paint. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hi All. I am returning to painting miniatures after a long hiatus. I have a lot of bones from the first kickstarter, a mix of unpainted metal miniatures, and some of the wiz kids pre-primed miniatures. Would the Bones Ultra Coverage Paint be a good option for a general paint set that can address all of these different material types? Thinking about buying this set: Reaper Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints Basic Set Any advice would be appreciated here.
  4. Will there be another bones kickstarter with fantasy based miniatures? I missed the first two.
  5. Now that we can see the pieces in their entirety, I am not happy with two main things. 1. No prepainted option. I don't have the time to paint all of those things. 2. I don't like how the crenelations aren't seamless. I know it was to make it more modular but I would have preferred to limit modularity and have a smooth top.
  6. Sweet. Just what I needed. I have a Drow villian coming up in my game.
  7. As a DF forum veteran I have noticed that it is mostly new folks, which I assume came over on the KS, who are reacting this way. Most of us who have been around and know Jeff, know that he is a good guy and has always given us top notch customer service, are refraining from speculation. Even Stefan, though clearly upset, doesn't want his forum members to stir the pot. I like both of them - Stefan and Jeff (they are both great guys). What is going on between them is really none of my business. People naturally tend toward tribalism - and so they feel that they should pick sides. So they have created a narrative to justify doing so.
  8. There will be addons. I imagine you will be able to add floor pieces.
  9. 10"x10" (inches) or 10'x10' (in-game feet)? Inches. So 5x5 pieces.
  10. I doubt it would be that difficult (in fact I know it wouldn't because I have made a small fortress out of Hirst arts that stacked). Additionally, I already use tacky putty to secure some of more unstable accessories to game tiles. If you used tacky putty to stick all of the accessories down removing a layer wouldn't take anytime at all. If you noticed in the video when he picked up a layer he tipped it over purposely and it didn't fall apart. You can build a 10x10 room with game tiles and it is just 3 lbs. If you had 4 stories and you had to remove 3 stories to access the 1st floor you are only looking at 9 lbs. Additionally you could remove each story one at a time without too much trouble.
  11. http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum?func=view&catid=517&id=63266&limit=12&start=108#64653 While that doesn't show that "modular castles" were Stephan's idea, the above post is not at all hypothetical. Anyway, I have to pick up some foam core for another KS, so I'll steal ReaperBryan's idea and save a few hundred equally non-hypothetical dollars! For those of us who have been members of the DF community for 5+ years we have heard hints about a DF modular castle for a very long time. Plenty of people, high quantity buyers included, have flat out said that they would buy it. Awhile back, there was another KS for a modular castle that contained tons of tiny pieces. SP hinted that when he makes his it would be better. Then the first KS came - no castle. The second - no castle. The third has been hinted to be medieval buildings and sewers - not castles. It appears that it isn't a priority for SP.
  12. It all depends on entry price. I will most likely be in for at least the pledge level that yields stretch goals, but if there are roofs I will throw my money at the computer screen. I love Tom's roof on eBay (sold by yansolousa) but I cannot afford them.
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