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  1. Got the second Warhawk finished barring decals... waiting for the tactical decals from FPG. These two have been sledgehammers in two games; really like them!
  2. I’ve also tried contrast with CAVs and some CAV vehicles and like the effect. Two coats of Militarium green over a light grey base + sponge damage + edge highlights looks pretty good for the time put in!
  3. Little progress on mine. Nothing crazy but everyone at least has a base coat and is washed!
  4. Understand! Mostly it's just a chance to get some stuff done! :)
  5. If you make the understrength sections a "Specialist section" you'll have a legal list. Attack: 4x Commander II's Specialist: 2x Chieftains At the end of the day we are just promoting paint jobs to our big stomps (or tanks or infantry or aircraft!)
  6. If you can get several stands into a single combat you can overwhelm the CAV and damage it. Bonus points if it's CCV is horrible haha
  7. I'm going to run with two sections, one attack and one flight (attack.) Crusader 2x Warhawk's Spartan 2x Crossbows. The points are low enough I can swap in a Duelist, Halbard, or Warlord for the Crusader (I haven't seen these guys do much on the field for me or opponents so we'll see.) I'm spring boarding into a possible CAVCon 2020 tournament list that is still not completed. Still have to trade for an unpainted Crossbow but I have time on that front. I should be able to get everything base coated and washed today at work.
  8. Announcing a little Challenge: 2020 2,500 TV Painting Challenge! "Rules:" 1) Create a legal 2500 TV CAV force using whatever models you like. Just remember you need an attack/specialist section first, then something else. 2) Decide on a scheme. Your figures, your paints! 3) Get them painted. Seems self-explanatory? 4) Finish by February 13th for bragging rights No prize for this one! Start off 2020 with a bang and a skirmish scale, fully painted CAV force! Post your list here or on the Big Stompy Podcast's (@BigStompyPodcast) facebook post and don't forget to track your progress!! Lots of photos at different stages!
  9. I received mine from Jasper_the_2nd the other day! Great job and thanks!
  10. Finished mine on January 1st. Oops! I’ll have it on the mail Monday!
  11. For Templars, I'd say assemble two or three of your Warhawks as they'll be your troopers. One or two Crusaders and Duelist, one Centurion, three or four Spartans, and two or three Gladiator II's. if you want to lob rockets with CAVs, assemble all of your Sovereign III's! For Malvernis, assemble two or three Butchers as they'll be your troopers. All of the Haunts as they work well together or with other FCS units, one or two OBake's, and all the vehicles as their vehicles are fantastic! One or two Revenants, all four Shadows and you should be good to go!
  12. I think things are shipping today for US customers... but I'm not "there!"
  13. Something we'd discussed at CAVCon, but I wanted to make sure. Can aircraft engage other aircraft that are flying Nape of the Earth?
  14. Testers Acrylic Model Masters flat black with a brush or airbrush and Testors Acrylic Model Masters Grey primer via airbrush (too thin to brush with) I've avoided rattle cans for years as I've had horrible results :-/
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