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  1. So... opinions on the Dingo? I've never played the game though I've had miniatures since it first came out. With the kickstarter, I figure I'm going to have to actually play and I've really really fallen in love with the looks of the Dingo. Looking at the new stats, it looks like it's a swarming, disposable unit. Any thoughts on it??
  2. I've gone Terran mainly because of the kickstarter; so far though several of the designs look nice. We'll see how it works!
  3. So we can expect to see something like this?
  4. Cool, looked through all of the Terran stuff. Glad those are up!
  5. Cool! Can't wait to see it more populated!
  6. Thanks for the previews CAVBoss! Starhawks are one of my favorite models out there :)
  7. Yeah, almost wish I hadn't locked in four Starhawk VI's now lol
  8. BattleMech (last picture on the right) is a Devastator (largest size of BattleMech commonly found in the game)
  9. Cool, thanks! I'm about to start pestering my brother to do the design work for the logo :)
  10. This was a cool scan through of the progress! Great job! I might recommend one of the free file storage services (Google Docs, Dropbox) as it doesn't matter if you computer dies, they are still out there on the internet for you to re-download. It does suck to lose everything :(
  11. I swung by Reaper last week and they let me in one of the back stock rooms to pillage... err... purchase. Picked up another Starhawk V as well as a Regent and true scale Tsuiseki. Lot of holes in the display, but still a lot of stuff. The guy behind the counter said something about spinning up online orders, so I'm not sure whats truly available and not or of it's possible to get stuff that shows out of stock or "0" on the website.
  12. So I got the 25th Legion's logo drawn up and did a pre-color before I sent it to my brother who's a graphic artist. When he gets the file cleaned up and probably redrawn (and does the actual color) I'll try to get Brian at FPG to do some decals up for me! :)
  13. I like the looks of it! It would depend on price point for me to determine if I was getting it or not though!
  14. 17th showed up in the Katana entry in JOR1 with a Major Jaimis Kerry whipping some Malvernis tail on Yed (72) in 2261 during the Galaxy War. No scheme info though...
  15. Cool! Thanks! I'll try to get my lone Starhawk V going (well, it's at the 1/4th stage of painting) though with my son being born Friday, I might not have as much time as I'd like lol. Probably swing by Reaper tomorrow to see if they have any other Starhawk V's. Well, I'll call first. Joys of living in DFW :) I have the line art done for the logo and sent it to my brother for processing... we'll see how it goes!
  16. The Starhawk V was my second favorite behind the Dictator when CAV first came out. I had always wished there was a more static look or at least the option to do so. The VI takes care of that I guess!
  17. I was curious if the 25th Legion has been mentioned anywhere? With the KS ending and waiting till next year to get stuff, I've tracked down a few of my old models and am starting to paint. I'm designing a unit logo and will try to get FPG to print them out for me. I was just wondering if the unit itself has been mentioned of if it's a clean slate that I can work with? I have the original rule book for CAV1 and JOR1 as well, but haven't seen a mention there.
  18. Okay, pick up at least one more metal one, gotcha! :D
  19. Ahh, okay, so the Starhawk VI is going to represent the V as well is what I'm getting?
  20. Curious about some of the stuff like the Starhawk V. It's listed in the pdf floating around for what each faction gets, but it wasn't included in the KS. While I bought stuff when CAV first came out, I never played due to lack of players in the area so I don't really know how it handled. Opinions on it?
  21. I've dug up two first edition Dictators and a Starhawk V that I didn't manage to sell on ebay. Also have a couple of the Talon Game guys, though I've only found the Tiamate. Still more digging to do though.
  22. Looking through the thread, I guess my question would be how do the old CAV miniatures scale to the new ones? Not enough to make a different, or now it's big enough that I shouldn't probably try to pick up a few metals before I get my kickstarter stuff in July of next year? If it's been said already, I apologize!
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