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  1. I'm painting up a Terran force just in case I change my mind at the last second... :D
  2. I'll look at the rule book at home as I can't really answer the question haha!
  3. The Ritterlich emblem is a decal from Fighting Piranha Graphics!
  4. Here's a Ritterlich Cataphract attack CAV painted in the 5th Dornheim Brigade's scheme. The Cataphract is available for sale and this is one of the grey bones miniatures from the first kickstarter!
  5. Here is the CAV Lion II anti-grav tank from the upcoming kickstarter. This resin master turned out great; the final will be in the grey Bones used by CAV! Scheme is from the 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Dragoons." Their tanks are painted a dark grey while the CAVs wear the light blue and black.
  6. Hey all! Here is a resin master of the new upcoming Cheetah attack CAV! I've painted it in the scheme of the 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Dragoons." The forthcoming model will be in the CAV grey bones which also paint up pretty nice!
  7. I plan on playing and going Ritter I think!
  8. Yup, what CAVBoss said! Most legions might have a parade program they type in for that sort of thing (or for quick recognition on the field of battle by both opponents and friendlies) As an example, the 25th Legion uses a tan (think US Army/Marines desert tan tanks/vehicles) color scheme with teal/turquoise highlights as it's "standard, default" scheme. But on the fly they can punch in whatever, though have a habit of leaving the teal highlights just because they can. I LOVE the army you have there and think your scheme would look great on CAV's! Before I saw the army I thought the darker purple with turquoise/green highlights and brown splotches in the upper left paper. Thats the same scheme right?
  9. Thats in the works, though real life has slapped me pretty hard in the face on the painting front
  10. It's a tough one. Fire support can unbalance the game quickly (unless you race in under their ranges or can drop in right in their face.) All fire support forces would quickly tear anyone that wasn't ready for them apart. Of course then does the force building then switch to all drop armies to counter all fire support forces? And is it good for the game? I think the need of additional attack role units is a big thing for this. Once may hits, Ritter gets their Tigers and Sabertooths (and Dervish) and uh, well, i'm drawing a blank on what else besides Rhino's and Cataphracts :D
  11. I tried! I tried sooooooooooooooooo hard. It felt like in the case of the Destroids, they just used the older N scale kits that are out on the market, shrunk them down and said done! I wish I had mine on a sprue still so I could check, but then thats getting into that effort thing again :D
  12. Eh, I just put them together with super glue... probably took an hour? Seam lines and the like are just impossible at that scale to really get rid of (or I should say, beyond my desire to invest time into!)
  13. Yup! Independents can use anything they like with the idea they have either salvaged it or bought it from the manufacturer or some other dealer. They won't get a faction doctrine, but when you can chose anything in the universe, it balances out.
  14. This is a Mercenary Force that Mastergunz and I collaborated to create called Crimson Thunder. I slightly modified a scheme I saw in In Combat: Painting Mecha by Mig Jimenez and friends and ran with it. This is the first product of that scheme, a Bones material Katana. I cut the arms at the "elbows" to pen them and fix an issue with the material (bent and wouldn't boil out.) A pin and a little superglue later and it's good as new!
  15. Savage Coyote


    Like I said... must die!
  16. Savage Coyote


    Archer is a #1 priority, must die on sight unit for me. Active Phased Array 2 is a nasty game changer. I played with an Archer in a force for half of a game at CAVCon before reading what it did. After that turn when my side started using it, we annihilated the other guys. That +2 was such a boost to the firepower of the Terrans it wasn't even funny. I see this guy against me? I'm calling in an orbital strike.
  17. It might be a revision/errata coming down that affects faction specific forces. I'm only going on what I heard at CAVCon and the KS2 comments. The force editor can be edited haha (or I can be wrong) :)
  18. Another option would be to spend some of your 20% upgrade points on your Tiamets for bolt-on FCS. At least make that 10+ start at a 7+ in a unit of four. As for the manticore's, I'll wait to see the unit structure clarification on them (if I'm playing ritter I want the doctrine; Jon mentioned something about having to follow force organization at CAVCon to get it... so no vehicles with CAV's sort of thing.)
  19. The numbers look right to me other than the 10+ roll always hits. So even at long/extreme range you'll need a 10. Where the negative come in is when you purpose build a fire support unit so all the guys have FCS and a few Chain fire Pods. Needing a 5 or 6+ for your strike point roll can really ravage the enemy when the whole unit rains down on it. The Silverback I think is designed to help the Tiamets with their strike point rolls. When/if Ritter gets a unit with Chainfire Pod that links in with the other units it'll be scary. I'm not sure how the Panther would work in that situation honestly.
  20. Yeah, might wait to see when the Pledge Manager opens. I know the last one was open for awhile and allowed you to order everything at their KS price. In this case, it'd be two CAV's, four vehicles, or two fliers for 5.00.
  21. I think both Mastergunz and Vytau covered everything very well! When you are first starting out, get what looks cool and play! As you get a grasp of the game, you start to realize, "Oh wow, the Archer does what but looks like that?"
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