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  1. I could be wrong, but wasn't it "any friendly" can use the TAG since it's just a laser? I remember we thought it was pretty powerful and my Gladiator II had a death sentence put on it!
  2. Great looking force! The big guys can be very satisfying to get finished up!
  3. Yeah, sorry about the length. Was kind of just a vomit of "what happened and some pictures to support it!"
  4. My guess would either be variety or legacy. Gives your model an option that does something different (in the case of the Dictator or Rhino, it's go faster with similar weapons load out etc. I highly doubt there'd be a "but that's a '60 Dictator, it' can't be a '70" and vise versa.) AND, if you play merc/unaffiliated, you can take whatever you want in whatever formation you want!
  5. Jeneki, have to agree with you. They look like they could fold like cheap tents if you apply enough pressure, and with a piercing Heavy MAC I think they'll receive a lot of attention on the board. Of course spamming them is another thing, but man, talk about boring...
  6. I'm curious where the Almirith fit in. Mere pawns manipulated by the Ritter? Steadfast allies of the Republic? Opportunists that jumped at the chance to avenge an old grievance with the Adonese? What happens to them if Ritterlich is successfully repelled? The best laid plans and all that!
  7. Hmm... Attack Section 1 (Attack) Emperor Dictator B Imperator Kahn Attack Section 2 (Skirmish) Dictator A Tyrant Gnomic Kahn Fire Support Section 1 Reaper Reaper/Conquerer (your choice... or build up a four Conquerer section like you had as those look nasty too) Conquerer Kahn Recon Section 1 (Kahn, Jackal (no miniature yet,) and Warden are your only recon sections) 4x Wardens
  8. Alright, because CAVCon was twenty minutes from my house, I was able to attend all three days and stay till Reaper kicked us out. I'm going to ramble out what I saw and what happened and hope it works and makes sense! Friday Things started around 6pm, which gave me the morning/afternoon to spend time with the family to make my wife happy and to paint my tail off to get most of my stuff ready for the two painting demos I was going to run. To be honest, I had two more stages left to paint when I walked into Reaper, and those would come back to haunt me with a vengeance later that night. I also had some details on my Templars (and two figures) I needed to finish, but yay for procrastination. So Mastergunz and I stood around chit-chatting while I met Chris Lewis in person, Colonel Kane, and of course CAVBoss and his sons. Then Todd (Mastergunz) is like, you bring stuff? I'm like, no dice, rulers, books or anything else, just miniatures. He's like, thats enough! So we tossed down our 5k forces (Veteran Steel Dragons and my 96 point shy Templar force, which used Superior Doctrine and then didn't use it as we were just trying to play.) Highlights of the game included my Duelist and his Raijin both running out of ammo in the same round, my Attack Section, with some Fire support help, demoralizing and utterly wiping out his attack section (which mine died a little later) and then learning that Chieftains are no fun when they get in your backfield and start annoying your units. Or that silly Warlord that failed it's pilot skill check to stand up and then died because of it. At the end of the game when I called it, I had two CAV's and two soon to be dead vehicles left, while he had two CAV's (one out of ammo) and four Chieftains wanting to do me harm. Good all around game and warmup for the rest of the con. While we were playing, CAVBoss has Chris Lewis play show-and-tell with upcoming units they'd hoped to unlock in the kickstarter. I posted two of them to Facebook and have cross posted here. Poor Duelist... Griffin Fire Support CAV for Ritterlich Hind VTOL/flyier for Amrithril So Friday night I leave around 11:30, drive home and paint till 1:30, getting my last two step examples done and then assembling, boiling, and priming a Cougar, one of which was given in the goodie back CAVBoss tossed out. I hit the sack and was done. Saturday So I got a late start (blame my wife for washing my CAVCon shirt too late haha!) but still got there around 10:15. Todd and I talked a bit and we both set up our demos. We had a good turn out in my mind (ten or eleven were at our paint demos and I think everyone got something out of it.) It's the best how-too I've every run as I've done a few for another mecha game and they haven't gone as smooth. So after that, some guys left for lunch and we milled around a bit. We decided to run through the New Memphis scenario, which pitted two five CAV Terran sections vs three Rach sections. because of the number of players, we retrieved the two starter set sections and added them. Rach had sections of two Emperors, Dictator A, Khan, a section with an Emperor, Dictator B, Conquerer and Khan, a section three Gnomics and a Dictator B, and a section of four Conquerers. Terrans counter was a Thunderbird, two Raptors, Regent, and Talon, while the other section I split with a youngster had a Starhawk V, Archer, Nightshade, Ronin, and Falcon. The starter set Terrans brought a Thunderbird, Starhawk VI, Raptor, and Talon to the mix as well. I controlled the last Ronin and Falcon while the kid controlled the others in our section. The highlights of the game had the Terran fire control section lose it's Talon. In revenge and with AoE's, it killed three of the four Conquerers. My side of the board took fire and we returned it. I think turn three we killed both Kahns which had snuck up. As the Rach slowly advanced their heavies and super heavies up the flank towards me, I kept looking at the Archer. But no matter. The three Gnomics charged the fire support section. And died for it. The Tbird killed two by itself with overdriven PBG's while the starter set section helped to kill the other. We were able to bring in two more Starhawk VI's as support and the game turned. And then I looked up the Active Phased Array on the Archer and we put the nail in the Rach's coffin. Pumping out a +2 to all friendly units attacks and strike point rolls inside a 30 inch bubble, we blasted two Emperors and three Dictators over a couple turns and the game was over. By then, CAVBoss brought in pizza and we called it. After supper, the kid, CAVBoss' older son, and myself sat down to a three way game. Sadly the kid got in the middle and CAVBoss' son put a massive hurt on his force with his fire support unit (from the New Memphis board) I finally told the kid to not worry about me and my Templars surged forward. near the end of the night, I'd managed to waste the Thunderbird and Archer before CAVBoss' son had to head out for the night. Terrans advance on the flank of Emperors and Dictators! Rach's opening move on New Memphis A line in the sands of New Memphis.. the Rach stop here! The Gnomic's impale themselves on the guns of the Thunderbird (and some indirect from some friends else where on the board) Templar attack Section laying waste to the Terrans in the valley below (with the help of a fire support unit behind them) Sunday The last day was similar to the first. I got there around 10:15 while Todd and I talked about last night and got our painting stuff set up. This time, a family with four kids and the kid from the day before came in for the painting demo, so I showed how to dry brush paint a table ready miniature in about an hour and a half while Todd did a camo demo with the airbrush. CAVBoss now has that Cougar I did for the demo and I didn't manage to get any photos of it. So our big game on Sunday was a 10k game where Todd and I combined our forces (his Steel Dragons and my Templars, this time actually using their Superior Technology doctrine, which I pumped into Veteran status and amping the Duelist's guns) against Chris Lewis, the kid and his dad (sorry, don't know his handle here!) and a new player who's name I don't remember, sorry! The mercs had several Aces and ODST across the board, but didn't realize what it did until turn two. Chris was nice enough to share one of his sections with the new player. We started advancing and it became bloody quickly. Both Todd and I's forces work pretty well and a few key die rolls and tactical slip ups saw many of Chris' Terrans smoked through AoE's and concentrated fire, while the same happened to the mercs. My Templar attack section was ruthless and blasted through a Spectre in one turn, Thunderbird in two, finished off a Razor, and put an Assassin on it's last damage track before time was called while my fire support section blew up a Dingo/Talon/Weasle who'd gotten too close together and dropped an Ace Starhawk VI. Todd and Chris mainly tangled on the other side and it was bloody, but when CAVBoss called it (since Reaper was closing and he was ready to pack for Kansas) we'd lost my Gladiator while the other side had suffered heavy casualties. Templars and Steel Dragons advanced towards the Terran's and their mercenaries Chieftains sneak up to the carcuss of local fawna on XB32 Prime, using pop up to harass the mercenary force that was being pinned down by the Templars. Terrans are stopped cold in a valley while the Steel Dragon's take their toll. A Mercenary Wright tries to help bolster the lines but it was too little too late! The Terran-hired Mercenaries run smack into a vengeful Templar attack section... My 5k of veteran Templars Summery: I had only played three games of CAV:SO (against myself haha) before CAVCon and had a lot of fun. Mastergunz and I talk about CAV a lot via Facebook so we'd talked through the rules and I've lived vicariously through his demos. If you have a chance, I think it'd be well worth your time next year to come check it out!!! Ross
  9. Yeah, anything fast to flank the forces and get into the backfield to cause havoc will generally put a fire support in check. It just has to survive getting there :D
  10. For SA:FCS, I believe the whole unit has to target the same location for the benefit to trigger. We had this happen a couple times during CAVCon where the enemy unit at the strike point died before the whole unit fired, so their rockets were "wasted." CAVBoss can confirm or deny/clarify though! Thats just how we played it (and it could have been wrong.) BUT, the combination of both SA's is deadly. Counters? Fast harassing units that can get under the envelop or your own nasty batteries. I had four Chieftains get into my Templars fire support section and end the game in his favor.
  11. The 10th Knights Assault Regiment made it's way to several theaters of war over the weekend and ended up with a 2-1 record, losing to a well run and built Steel Dragon's force, winning out over a bruising Terran force, and teaming up with the Steel Dragons to defeat a Terran + Mercenary support in an epic 10k game!
  12. I would say a few Kahn's would be good for their EST and ECM, while mixing Reaper's and Conquers makes a good fire support section. You HAD a good fire support section, it was just grouped together too close and got abused! I think Fire Support is VERY important in CAV:SO so it's something to keep in mind!
  13. Glad you had fun Weird-O! I was just happy to play against living breathing people haha!
  14. Oh he'll wipe the floor with me haha. I've played three games against myself with 2v3 CAV's :D
  15. With the new kickstarter I'm going to build a Ritter force for sure. I'm digging the grey's and blues, though now my Templars might be mistaken for Ritter :D
  16. I'll be at CAVCon with 5k in Templars!
  17. Having been in the back a few times I can say there was an large large large amount of metal CAV miniatures sitting around. I bought some since the 1st Kickstarter, but you can only do so much!
  18. I'm there! 'course I don't live too far away so yeah...
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