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  1. Very cool. Glad to see bones black making a good hit. I also dig the color combos. One thing though, maybe its the picture but does the mini have a strong lean to it?
  2. Reaper. Under the fig finder look for worm corpse
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. I really try to go as real as I can get.
  4. I look way older now. lol


  5. I have always loved this set. I did one of these for a Christmas exchange a while back. Love your version though.
  6. This was a metal one not bones. I am not a fan of the bones.
  7. I never used the clay. My experiences with clay have been poor at best. I think I will stick with crappy roofs. :)
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys
  9. Free commission for a coworker.
  10. Thank you! Thank you. I think if I was to do the shingles again I would do them slightly different. I would sand the ends. It would be more work but think the look would be more realistic which is what I try to do in all my work. :)
  11. Thanks for the kind words. :) the he posts I actually got pre made. The are Banisters for some stairs. This and most of the plants are the only things I bought.
  12. Hey all. Long time no hear. :) Finished this piece. 28mm scale made primarily out of coffee stirrers. As always with me q&c always welcome
  13. I need get me one of those ninja shoppers.
  14. Love the school! Are these Froggy creations or actual something you can get?
  15. OK noted. Fun sculpt. Definitely be looking out for this one.
  16. I little while ago (springtime?) I saw a brain in a jar. Was this released? I tried searching for it on the online store without success but I could just be using the wrong search words. Thanks in advance for the assistance guys.
  17. >Insert Boing sound here< This is actually still in a box in storage. Maybe someday I can get it out and finish it.
  18. Do you know the number for this when this is released? Do you know the number for this when this is released?
  19. Not sure what happened but it seemed to fix itself. Go figure
  20. So going through some boxes in my basement I found my disk for the Ultima series. I left off playing in V so I started back up in that one. I have some issues with the combat. I find myself not able to finish it. I think I kill everything and then can't seem to end the combat. I walk off the battle map and then get the message "The battle is lost!" Does someone know why I can't finish the battle?
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