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  1. That's the only downside I see. Of the 24 longish arms in the first 32 models, 4 are kinda straight. The other 20 range from slightly bent to "it looks like the robot is trying to hug itself". 3 models didnt wouldn't stand up at first.
  2. Was this delivery for the 60 models in the Core Force set? Cause I got 32 and one of the Spectre's has two left arms. Never mind, I checked the KS comments page.
  3. Will there be Ice Cream?
  4. Out for Delivery? is that a good thing?
  5. What a cruel joke! I drove by Reaper this morning, and where was the angry mob? I looked silly standing all alone in the parking lot. And the damn torch wouldn't stay lit. Stupid misty weather.
  6. If I'm understanding this thread,meoples are choosing a Legion # so there's minimal chance of running into someone using the same Legion in tournament play? If so, I'd like to claim the 28th.
  7. Whatever it was, I'm sure it's banned by the Geneva Convention.
  8. That's the one. I want that on my wall.
  9. Are there any posters for CAV available, or will be available? There's a killer one in the men's room at the Reaper Game store. I'd love to hang one above the gaming table.
  10. Another player in Dallas. At least in the general vicinity.
  11. If I was going to buy some terrain buildings, what size fits with the CAV miniatures? The few pieces I've made work for 40k size miniature, but that won't work for BIG STOMPY ROBOTS.
  12. Thanks. They don't seem easily available, but I'll keep looking.
  13. What are Shards and War for Sale? Are these fluff books?
  14. Are those about the same size as the CAV:SO vehicles?
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