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  1. Looks like my work day is done when the KS starts. Maybe it is time for an hour of overtime.
  2. Will the new Kickstarter be EU friendly? I hope you do not plan to distribute Europe from the UK?
  3. Right now I am assembling the 2nd KS. I hope the forces at the center of the universe grant me enough money to participate in this one. I will try my puppy eyes trick.
  4. It confused me too in the beginning.
  5. The procedure of firing GMs is the same for direct or indirect fire.
  6. But the four Tiamats in your example fire just four times with a Strike-Pount Roll. That is a 66% chance that one of them will hit. And then all four R20s will rain down on the target. But else I completely agree with you. I guess I will try both ways, fancy electronics and blotting out the sun with rockets.
  7. Ha, thanks! I spent half an hour looking for that but somehow p.36 eluded me. So besides skipping the Strike-Point roll via Chain-Fire Pods, is there any other way to add bonuses to the Tiamat's roll? Besides pilot upgrades of course. I guess the next fire support squad with two Tiamats will include as many FCS and Chain-Fire Pod CAVs as possible then.
  8. I have some questions concerning indirect fire. I had a squad with 2x Tiamat and 1x Specter-B. The opponent one Silverback and one Thunderbird. They all make target lock actions and everybody is in the long range band. 1. A Tiamat fires first. Strike-Point roll is 10+ and it gets a -1 modifier because of the long range band. Which means only a roll of 11 or 12 will be a direct hit, every other result drifts. 2. Now the Specter-B fires at its target. The Strike-Point roll 10+ is modified with 0 (range band long -1; Wizzo +1). There is no +1 for the FCS because the Dictator-B is the only vehicle in its squad equipped with one. Then the GMs are fired at a Target Point roll of 7+ (long 8+ and -1 because of the improved range of the GMs). The roll is modified by +1 because of the Wizzo. 3. If the Specter-B's Strike-Point roll had been successful the second Tiamat could now skip its own Strike-Point roll and use the Specter-B's Chain-Fire Pod. It would then start rolling for the Rockets immediately, four times against the target point roll of 6+. 4. Now it is the other teams turn. The Thunderbird fires indirectly and the Strike-Point roll is modified by +3 (-1 long range; +2 targeting comp.; +1 Wizzo; +1 for the FCS in the Silverback). 5. And now the horror. The Silverback fires its GMs indirectly at long range. Target Point roll 7+ (improved range). The roll is modified with +3 (+2 targeting comp.; +1 Wizzo). The FCS is useless for the Silverback itself as it only gives a +1 for each additional in a squad and a Strike-Point roll. The Silverback's GMs use target point rolls. Is this the correct way of number crunching? And if it is correct: What is the best way to make the Tiamats hit anything at all. If you use the Heavy R20's Smart you can up the RAV to 9 which is a very effective way to hurt targets like a Thunderbird.
  9. Just make a one line houserule that scatter can never be more than the max range of the weapon.
  10. Thanks for the long AAR and the pictures!
  11. My best guess is that the anti-grav version will be faster and have pop-up but will be less armored.
  12. Ugh. 2 and 4 are the same models. Thanks for the answers.
  13. Thank you for the explanation!
  14. Yes, of course! But I thought there was some more official fluff about the purpose of each one.
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