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  1. What's the post-KS update schedule this time? First and third Fridays of the month? Second and last? Fifth and Ninth?
  2. I guess he really is all out of bubble gum now.
  3. $550, but the pledge manager is telling me I'll need to add $25 - $30. :)
  4. First Kickstarter campaign blows up and sets records, and they still manage to deliver within days of their estimate? Color me impressed.
  5. Quick, someone photoshop that Jurassic World shot with him holding off the raptors into a Bones-relevant one!
  6. When I choose to pee myself, I choose a stillsuit.
  7. I'm imagining that Bryan is doing one or more of the following: 1. Holding his head in his hands, dreading pushing the KS button 2. Laughing at our tomfoolery 3. Sighing exasperatedly at our tomfoolery 4. Rolling his eyes 5. Just as excited as we are
  8. You're just drinking last night's beer really late, not today's beer early.
  9. Or as I know them:1 Homid 1 Glabro 1 Crinos 1 Hispo 1 Lupus
  10. I'm actually going to guess $300 or so. There are going to have to be some whales the first day, then. I expect most people will pledge $100 for the core set, and then those people who go all in at once will bring it up to $120/backer or so.
  11. Also, I don't think enough people are going to hold out for the pledge manager to affect the tens of thousands of dollars we'll need to unlock the next goal at the end. It'll be okay.
  12. The two biggest days of almost every KS are the first and the last. A lot of people who don't pledge right away will hit the "Remind Me" button. That causes an email to go out with 48 hours left in the KS. By then, we'll have tons of stuff unlocked. I think that matters more than early SG unlocks.
  13. Oh no! I just realized I have meeting coinciding with the launch. Hopefully I can work my way up to Wave 1 this time again.
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