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    Anyone care to guess at avergae pledge amount after the first day? I guess $157 in hopes of it rising as time goes.


    I'm actually going to guess $300 or so.



    There are going to have to be some whales the first day, then. I expect most people will pledge $100 for the core set, and then those people who go all in at once will bring it up to $120/backer or so.

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  2. I keep seeing people say this, and it saddens me tbh. I respect the right to choose but I still feel sad about it.

    I worry that a lot of people feel the same way and that it will impact the stretchgoals and return backers on the whole. Where as if we get the maximum number of stretch goals knocked out as early as possible the people who would be on the fence, or only initially interested in 1-2 models can see those models, be a part of the kickstarter and possibly be drawn in to the hype or the mindset of "well I am already backing for such and such, what is adding a little extra for these new stretch goals going to hurt"


    People who don't back something straight away will tend not to return sadly.


    This isn't just me wanting more stretchgoal models btw, it is me wanting the bones range to expand as much as possible and give me as many options as possible. It has been nearly two years since the last one, want it to be a good one.


    On a side note FROGHEMOTH!!!!! annnnddd... I wish I was excited for the LE line, and I think it will be great for reaper if they can get the right diversity and price point in stores. But the paint job quality is too low for me and I can knock out quick paintjobs of better quality in short order.

    I will be backing for christmas presents I wager



    The two biggest days of almost every KS are the first and the last. A lot of people who don't pledge right away will hit the "Remind Me" button. That causes an email to go out with 48 hours left in the KS. By then, we'll have tons of stuff unlocked. I think that matters more than early SG unlocks.

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  3. I went with the dump everything all at once method, but then felt like I could do nothing to help accomplish the next goal.


    It feels nice to go and up the pledge when something new comes along that strikes our fancy. Where I feel like I'm actually doing something. Vs. feeling like I'm just watching the stretch goals go by.


    So I think I'm going to incrementally add each time something comes up that I want.


    Yeah, the rational part of me wants to just throw my max $$ at the thing from the start, but the rest of me wants to put in enough for the core, and then increment my pledge to account for the new things unlocked I want.

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    This may be on the verge of crazy, but is there some way to incentivize adding money during the KS vs adding in pledge manager?

    They're called "Stretch Goals".



    Yeah, I don't think much is lost off the KS total due to the pledge manager being open later. People generally pledge what they can afford to pledge and then will add more when they have more money.

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  5. I'm hoping for dragons of various sizes. Everything from small to colossal (by D&D standards) would be great. So, 1"x1" bases to 6"x6" bases. I have a kobold character who "transforms" into a dragon, and he should be able to manage at least 4"x4" by the time we finish the campaign.


    And the 2" x 2" is probably the hardest to find.

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