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  1. I started a Tiamat today and decided to use blue liner. It came out looking about the same as yours after priming.
  2. Dem (bones, dem bones, dem dry bones for the core) Dat Dose and Deese
  3. They are aware. Ladystorm mentioned it in another thread.
  4. Your invoice number might be in pledge manager.
  5. I play a kobold synthesist (a version of the Pathfinder Summoner class,) which means when he summons his dragon-shaped eidolon, he rides around inside of it. So, I want a clear dragon figure with a kobold inside of it. I'm picturing something like the gelatinous cube, only a dragon. Not that I expect this to ever get made. :)
  6. Meanwhile, I was making beer on Saturday and gave myself a first degree burn with a jet of hot (~212F) water. I'm probably not the right person for the Reaper production line. :)
  7. I just finished browsing through your previous thread. WOW!!!! I'm just getting into painting, and while I'm not going to try to match your level of skill, you have provided some really good motivation to learn!
  8. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. I thought it was interesting that customs is handled in Dallas and not California. When we import product form China, it clears customs in CA. Of course, one of the warehouses we use is in CA... (Also, I'm happy to report I had to look up the lyrics to Rebecca Black's terrible song.)
  9. Yeah, she followed me following the Bones 2 campaign, and she has bought me plenty of paints and brushes from Reaper. So I know she's good with Reaper stuff. :)
  10. Yep. I got my email back from Kickstarter. Stripe does not support Discover cards. Well, I guess that is probably the end of me using Kickstarter. My Discover card is my "fun" card. I got curious about that and started poking around. It looks like Discover takes a much bigger bite out of credit purchases than Visa or Mastercard and it reportedly holds onto the funds for up to a week before handing them over to the merchant. I imagine that makes a big difference when profit margins are already razor-thin. I knew Discover took the biggest cut of transactions among the major cards. (That's where my cash back bonus comes from!) I didn't know they hold funds longer than them as well. I had a chat with the wife, and I can use our MasterCard if I need to for Kickstarter, but I'm sure I'll be backing less with her having access to the statement. :) I pay my Discover out of personal fund. So she doesn't see what I buy.
  11. Yep. I got my email back from Kickstarter. Stripe does not support Discover cards. Well, I guess that is probably the end of me using Kickstarter. My Discover card is my "fun" card.
  12. Did I hear correctly in the video that you added water to your liner? I'm thinking that's what caused the weathered look. I might try that on one or two of my own.
  13. I just looked at the blog, and the mock-up of the new payment screen doesn't show the Discover logo. If they won't take Discover, my days on Kickstarter are done. That's the main reason I have my Discover card.
  14. I have been using the extra time to collect paints, brushes, and shelves. I still need a place to paint. I hope to be ready when my 20 minis arrive.
  15. I like the look so far. It almost looks like someone painted the whole thing blue, but then the paint has weathered over time.
  16. As long as KS doesn't switch to PayPal, I'll be happy. For some reason, PayPal won't accept the Discover card I use for KS.
  17. I backed and received the tracks I was supposed to last week.
  18. The one I'd like to see a lot of future KS creators hear the answer to: My KS campaign just blew way past my wildest expectations! What the heck do I do now?!?! (As in, how do I keep the campaign going but still be able to fulfill somewhere near my estimated delivery dates?)
  19. Well, this is down to the last 26 hours. Looks like we'll break a few more stretch goals before then. Get it while the getting's good. :)
  20. I'm noticing a trend with Baphomet wanting to dive into things...
  21. And if the tables were turned, would those backers have been willing to pony up a bit more cash to make sure Reaper didn't spend more than they made? I imagine not.
  22. My mom apparently ordered me a bunch of paints and brushes for Christmas (in preparation of Bones 2 arriving.) So, I got a reclining Sophie and a Ginger Cookie as well!
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