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  1. It's not urgent for me. I was just curious. Thank you for the info.
  2. Do I remember correctly that we will be able to unlock our pledge manager after ACE all ships? Do you have an ETA for unlocking yet?
  3. I did too, but I'm also working on paying a bill to a warehouse for storing all of the pallets of product the company I work for has in storage. I'm now imagining that instead of cheese or trays, those pallets are full of Bones. It makes paying a lot easier. :)
  4. More SKUs are, but there will be more bones tiles produced than resin bits.
  5. Yeah. While I'd love this to get bigger and bigger, I'm pretty much tapped out (and maybe beyond where I should be). So, if they unlocked anything else, I'd probably feel bad that I couldn't get any of it.
  6. Of course. I forgot about goblin math! Edit: I'm sure I'll do that only 20 more times.
  7. I feel the same way, but I tell myself I have over a hundred other figures to practice on first. :)
  8. The final shipment has 2 Containers, shipping simultaneously. Are they like the President and Vice President and have to travel on separate ships?
  9. And the translucent tiles are unlocked! I missed out on the ice caves in the DF caverns KS. So I'm super excited about these.
  10. I was waffling on posting this as well. I'm glad you did. I'm already backing. :)
  11. Yeah, crowdfunding requires crowdpolicing as well. The worst that can happen is the guy is legit and gets put back up for funding.
  12. Depending on the timeline of when you ran the game, they may not need to know much more than how the magic system works. The world at the end of the books is ripe for doing your own thing in.
  13. Sanderson loves making magic systems. He's also a gamer. So, I'm not at all surprised that his magic systems tend to be pretty gameable. I could also see a Mistborn video game. The Iron/Steel powers could be pretty fun to use to move around in a sandbox world.
  14. I'm not super excited about getting a bunch of d6s, but I guess I'll be playing in a Hero System game soon. So, that might actually come in handy. I do love the Mistborn books, though. Hopefully we get enough backers to get a copy of the game. It might get my wife playing RPGs finally...
  15. I'm in for some wood tiles and probably some translucent ones. When I can add them on.
  16. Even if that's the case, I hope that once the new tiles are released for add-on, we'll add-on enough to keep it above $40k.
  17. Yes. Also that they are offering stuff that is tangential to the core project (felt mat, gaming cases) and which will add complications in fulfillment. The appeal of these tiles is presumably that they don't need special storage solutions and won't damage a table-top, so why the accessories? As a backer for the felt mat, I chose it because my table is wooden and slick. Even the non-slip backing on the tiles is going to slip on it. So, add in a nice felt math, and I get not only a way to keep the tiles from slipping, but I also get a black backing to use for pits.
  18. From what ReaperBryan has been saying, Wave 6 will only be weeks after Wave 1.
  19. It will not end up on Bryan's desk... rather on mine. That's going to either be a disappointed or happier goblin.
  20. I think this is it. On your Reaper account (not your forum account, the one you buy stuff with) go down to the bottom and check the box to receive offers and announcements.
  21. Yeah, besides the moving parts there is something about the size of them. I'm also enjoying the level of detail on them. Should be fun to paint.
  22. I'm excited too, although I do wish it didn't show up from "help" in my inbox. That confused me a bit.
  23. I got my box on Friday. Other than bent guns, the only other issue I had with warping was the legs of one of the smaller CAVs had a distinct lean to the left and the base was warped by them. I'm blaming a pilot who had too much to drink.
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