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  1. I work for a logistics company which imports some items from China. I'm not really surprised by the delays. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the pictures of not just devils and demons but angels as well!
  2. I've been a John Wick fan for years. It started with 7th Sea, and I've enjoyed a lot of his indie games as well. I'm going to have to check this out. I'll probably skip the movie, though.
  3. Have you checked out the latest Bundle of Holding? It's all GM theory and world building stuff.
  4. Unfortunately I can provide anecdotal evidence that not all shipments east of OH are done. I'm in Virginia. :( Here's hoping they're waiting on my doorstep tonight!
  5. Wow. Lone Wolf takes me back to 4th grade. I loved those books. I just don't know if I can muster enough nostalgia for $50 for a game I probably won't ever have a chance to play.
  6. Has anyone received a 5-set order and/or one that was painted? I'm trying to decide how excited to be right now. :)
  7. Ugh. I still haven't gotten my email yet, and I'm on the east coast. The anticipation. It is killing me!
  8. Well, I WAS drinking that Diet Coke. Now I'm cleaning it off my monitor. :(
  9. It is if he dies, and his spirit goes to the underworld, and I get to see lots of demons. :D
  10. World Market/Cost Plus carries advent calendars. I used to work there.
  11. Yeah. I like the see-thru packaging as well. It is like a constant reminder of how cool the mini looks.
  12. Ah, sorry for the confusion. Florin is just an old character name from a RP MUD I played on back in the day.
  13. I like your screen name Florin. lol Is that... him? While am A "him," I don't think I've ever been known as THE "him."
  14. I guess this will teach Reaperbryan not to ever use a nautical metaphor on a Bones thread again. :)
  15. I'm always happier whey you say ships have sailed. (Although, I prefer they are ships with Bones on their way to you instead of metaphorical ones.)
  16. I use the "hold the bottle upright and squeeze the air out then suck the paint into the bottle" method. Before reading this, that's probably what I would have tried. I assume there would be tears? And perhaps wailing and gnashing of teeth?
  17. While I can appreciate how awful it would be to order however many hundreds or thousands of clear cubes and get green samples back knowing you're going to have to delay things to get the product you ordered and specced out, I am a little fascinated by the green cube. It's interesting to look at. I like the way it looks. It's the silver lining to the grey (or at least translucent green) cloud.
  18. The hatchlings make me happy. I needed a medium size dragon for my kobold character. However, he'll need a size large mini at some point. Were there any large size (2" x 2" base) dragons from Bones 1 I can get?
  19. And of course I placed an order on Monday. I don't think it was quite $40, but this would have made me bump it up to $40. :)
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