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  1. Backed.


    I love DM Theory. Angry DM, Robin's Laws, Order 66 "The List".  Even when the advice is contradictory, it's all good.


    This is the first time I have ever heard of this book, and I am SO MAD that I never heard of it before!


    Have you checked out the latest Bundle of Holding? It's all GM theory and world building stuff.

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    All that said, I have evidence that people have received orders as large as 10 + tons of add-ons, but they were unpainted. It appears to me that they are shipping by region. I expect most everything Ohio and eastward is already done in the US.


    Unfortunately I can provide anecdotal evidence that not all shipments east of OH are done. I'm in Virginia. :( Here's hoping they're waiting on my doorstep tonight!

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    So how does one transfer paint from jars to dropper bottles? Exceptionally tiny funnels?


    I use the "hold the bottle upright and squeeze the air out then suck the paint into the bottle" method. 


    Before reading this, that's probably what I would have tried. I assume there would be tears? And perhaps wailing and gnashing of teeth?

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    I know I'm regretting bringing up the green cube. You all are WAY too excited about a defective production run that had to be destroyed.



    While I can appreciate how awful it would be to order however many hundreds or thousands of clear cubes and get green samples back knowing you're going to have to delay things to get the product you ordered and specced out, I am a little fascinated by the green cube. It's interesting to look at. I like the way it looks. It's the silver lining to the grey (or at least translucent green) cloud.

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