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  1. You heard it here first! Reaper's Bones promote tooth health!!! (And promote wallet decay.)
  2. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!! (Unfortunately I'll be chipping in for only 3 digits worth of that.)
  3. I'm pretty sure I have the option to buy as much of Reaper's Bones 3 stock as I can afford. :D
  4. That's when the storm giant throws a samurai-mousling at someone, right?
  5. I'm going to be more excited for Tianot. However, I will still be excited for Sophie.
  6. All my Likes as well as my all my monies belong to Bones 3.
  7. I wish I could like this post 3 times, once for each new Bones-person.
  8. I don't really need translucent for sneaking, but they have come in handy for invisible characters. I wouldn't mind more invisible, air, and water monsters. Then I can just sub those in for the invisible characters. I'm sure everyone will be fighting over the water weird. :)
  9. Yeah, a few clear adventurers would be great. I had a use for one on Friday night, actually. Stupid bard insisting on using a rod of wonder every combat...
  10. That fighter looks awesome! Heck, this whole challenge is awesome!
  11. Beast: The Primordial: #6 Mistborn Allomancy Dice: #46 Deluxe Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition: #40 Stones Dungeon Tiles: #5 Shotguns & Sorcery RPG: #3 Deluxe Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition: #40 Bones 2: #11,716 I was a bit slow there with Bones 2. :)
  12. The only kickstarters I've seen that delivered large quantity on time are the Dwarven Forge ones I backed. Almost every other Kickstarter I've backed has been late. Reaper did an amazing job with Bones 2 considering the total quantity of stuff plus the huge variety of models, even if they were a bit late. I am all set to back Bones 3.
  13. My only worry is they would be too light to tumble in a satisfactory manner. I like some heft to my dice.
  14. I think that's the general thought. Longer Kickstarters tend to have longer lull periods. However, if it was my first KS, and I wanted to get the word out as much as possible, I would run a longer one. Third one? Short and sweet sounds good to me.
  15. Like a crab perhaps..? I smell conversion!
  16. Mine is June 28th. I can point to the KS and tell my wife, "I want this, this, this, THISTHISTHISTHISTHIS, and this. Oh, and Tianot."
  17. These are super neat, but between the battle mat and DF dwarvenite tiles (and the Stones tiles I have coming from that KS) I don't think I need these. Doesn't mean I don't WANT them, though... Will save still holding strong.
  18. I won't be able to dive back into painting until the July thanks to my brother's wedding. So, the KS should get me amped up to paint just in time.
  19. Just remember those who cannot be online when the KS starts, I got into Bones 2 about a week in, and I worked my way down from Wave 7 to Early Bird by keeping an eye on the pledge levels. Don't be too disheartened.
  20. I could see that. Or even launching on the 9th... And ReaperBryan would be all, "It's the 9th, it's later than the 8th. So it was technically delayed." :)
  21. I'm confused... Please explain to me this "enough" you speak of. That definitely wasn't a personal reason, as I went all-in on Bones II... But joking aside, I recall seeing some people state that they already had plenty of Bones figures from the first Kickstarter, and as such they weren't backing Bones II (or at least not as heavily). I can definitely see someone being hesitant to back when they already have an unpainted pile of similar figures awaiting their attention. Yeah, I'm going to go all in on Bones 3 after doing the same on Bones 2, but if/when there is a Bones 4, I'll probably go lighter on that.
  22. While I am very happy with the delay, I can understand why Reaper would want to have Kickstarters as quickly as possible. After all, they can't make money on a product until it is produced. So, the sooner it is produced, the sooner Reaper can sell it and make money on it.
  23. All I know is that my wife is perfectly happy with me getting in on a second Bones KS after seeing Tianot. Which means I'll have to buy Tianot. Oh darn...
  24. Well, looks like I'll have to pledge for this to put my money where my mouth is, since I requested a not-Tiamat. ... Curses.
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