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  1. NICE!  Just confirmed I'll be able to get in on this one!  Hopefully my son won't suddenly spawn another mouthful of cavities like he did at the beginning of Bones 2.  I had to walk away from a Wave 2 core pledge to pay for fillings.  To be fair, however, he was as disapointed as I was and is actively brushing his teeth right now in prep for B3.  He gets just as excited about the Reaper KS as I do.  This year he helped me decant my collection of big bad monsters, Khanjira being his favorite of course.


    You heard it here first! Reaper's Bones promote tooth health!!!



    (And promote wallet decay.)

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  2.  We've also got some new innovative products for the Core, and a few surprise goals that we can introduce randomly, in addition to the over $4,000,000 possible goals. (it helps to overplay, so to have more things to shuffle).




    (Unfortunately I'll be chipping in for only 3 digits worth of that.)

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  3. Beast: The Primordial: #6

    Mistborn Allomancy Dice: #46

    Deluxe Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition: #40

    Stones Dungeon Tiles: #5

    Shotguns & Sorcery RPG: #3

    Deluxe Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition: #40

    Bones 2: #11,716


    I was a bit slow there with Bones 2. :)

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    For all the delays they've had, Reaper has been one of the most reliable KS series I've backed. 


    The only kickstarters I've seen that delivered large quantity on time are the Dwarven Forge ones I backed. Almost every other Kickstarter I've backed has been late. Reaper did an amazing job with Bones 2 considering the total quantity of stuff plus the huge variety of models, even if they were a bit late. I am all set to back Bones 3.

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  5. Any guesses on what the reduced Kickstarter pledge-time will do to the total?


    I honestly think it will stay close to the same.


    I think that's the general thought. Longer Kickstarters tend to have longer lull periods. However, if it was my first KS, and I wanted to get the word out as much as possible, I would run a longer one. Third one? Short and sweet sounds good to me.

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  6. These are super neat, but between the battle mat and DF dwarvenite tiles (and the Stones tiles I have coming from that KS) I don't think I need these. Doesn't mean I don't WANT them, though... Will save still holding strong.

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    people having enough figures from Bones I were more significant factors.


    I'm confused...


    Please explain to me this "enough" you speak of.


    That definitely wasn't a personal reason, as I went all-in on Bones II...  :lol:


    But joking aside, I recall seeing some people state that they already had plenty of Bones figures from the first Kickstarter, and as such they weren't backing Bones II (or at least not as heavily).  I can definitely see someone being hesitant to back when they already have an unpainted pile of similar figures awaiting their attention.



    Yeah, I'm going to go all in on Bones 3 after doing the same on Bones 2, but if/when there is a Bones 4, I'll probably go lighter on that.

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