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  1. The pledge calculator worked fine for me, but then again I have a hamlet and monster sewer. http://dwarvenforge.com/pledge-calculator/
  2. I think I'm going to go the ask forgiveness rather than permission route and get a hamlet and sewer pledge rather than just an undercity pledge. I want those stretch goals too much.
  3. They have prototypes. They're resin, but they have videos showing you how the system works. The only thing they don't have is a way to show how the peg holes in the floors and pegs on the posts will look.
  4. That bridge is sweet. My perfect pledge would be a village pledge, the imperial streets back, two monster sewers packs, two battlements, and a couple of bridges.
  5. Yeah, I'm going in for the undercity pledge and hoping they have stock I want when I have more free cash. I can't back this as big as the previous two.
  6. I'm holding strong with an undercity pledge. If I had any free money, I'd be dropping way too much on this.
  7. I backed for the PDF as well. In going to use True Detective to sell this to my group.
  8. The stone ruins look like a random ruined castle I explored in Scotland. Even the floor matches.
  9. I'm currently just in for the painted undercity pledge, but I still really want a painted hamlet. I just need to figure out how to justify the cost. I'd love to wow my players with buildings on top of the sewers.
  10. Why did you pledge $565 then? Did you just find out you were short on funds? I realize this is not really my business so you can tell me none of your business if you want. The reasoning went a little like this: I really want the sewers, so I need to get at least one building. If I'm going to get at least one building, I might as well get the village and get the stretch goals. If I'm going to have the village, I should get the streets as well. I am make some cute in my budget and have just enough to get it. Now, with the undercity pledge, I can get what I really, really want and not have to stretch my budget.
  11. Considering I have less to spend on this than I did the last two years, when the undercity pledge came out, I dropped from a $565 pledge to $175. I would love to have the buildings, streets, and a second monster sewer pack, but I'm really only going to use one monster sewer pack with any regularity.
  12. Imperial Streets... So pretty...
  13. If you're into the sewers the stone building items blend pretty well into it. A couple of the sewer pictures show them using a stone building to augment the set. Going in for a cottage pledge with a stone building and then getting streets and sewers makes the cottage pledge not completely useless.
  14. Yes, once all the street pieces have been unlocked.
  15. This will be the cheapest you can get the sewers. If you get a couple of mega packs, you'll end up saving money even with a cottage pledge.
  16. I'm saying there SHOULD be giant parrots in jungles. Of course, I don't live in a jungle...
  17. I don't mind getting a stone cottage with them. From the preview pictures, the stone city stuff works pretty well with the sewers.
  18. Sewers are released. Doom to my wallet...
  19. Yeah, Stefan has a new team, and I'm sure they're enjoying this baptism by fire.
  20. It's a bit early for my needs as well, and buildings aren't really something I use a lot of in my games. I expect I'll get more excited when the sewers are released, though. And they teased a future castle system KS. THAT is probably going to take a lot of my money. :)
  21. My biggest concern for this KS.... But the cost to pre-build even a small village w/ their road tiles is astronomical. Some of the village pictures in the video would probably cost 5K-10K+ to build. Dungeon's/Caves have the advantage that there is "Fog of War" so to speak with doors and corridors etc and you can build as you go. I can't imaging a city table like this: DM:"Your party enters the sprawling village of Awesometown. Before you is a busy street filled with villagers. You see an Inn and a variety of shops with placards indicating their wares stretching down the street as far as you can see." Player: If it's so busy why do I only see 5 buildings and the street deadends right after that? DM: Because they only gave me 2K for my kidney and I need the other one. Player: Ok, well I move forward to look at the rest of the street. DM: Ok, give me 20 minutes to build the next block. Player: What happens if I want to go back to the first block where the Inn is? ... Don't get me wrong... I'm totally in this for way more $ then I should be (empire set at the moment). But I'm planning to use it for scenarios where there's a big Inn/Tavern/Warehouse/farmhouse etc and the area/street immediately surrounding it, and not so much a village. The premise and the execution (still on the fence about the pegs though) of the city system is great, but I think the reality of a lot of people's wallets are going to limit the usefulness of this one far more then it did the first two due to the line of sight issue. I mean the empire set certainly isn't enough to build anything close to an empire, with 10 roofs its really barely enough to build a hamlet. Yeah, I wasn't planning on building an entire city at a time. I would think building a building or two ahead of time wouldn't be too bad. You can use the same footprint and just move furniture and such around inside to make a different building.
  22. I went in pretty big for the first two KS. I've found that pre-building is pretty necessary for using tiles. I build ahead of time and then cover the parts they can't see yet. Or I leave them uncovered but don't place anything in the rooms until they open the door or turn the corner. Trying to build as you go would be a terror with DF tiles. I'm hoping the Stones tiles are easier for that.
  23. The brass bull and the burrowing horror are my favorites so far.
  24. They Bryangles are only visible in one shot (where the container is turned to to show the interior). So it's hard to get the height from that due to perspective. I see them in every picture. They're tiny and to the right. You can see the edge of the base they are on as well in some of the pics.
  25. Looks to me like you'd get 9 figures, which each come in two pieces: the body and the shield. There seems to be an alternate for the body sculpt. I'm not sure how many of those you would get compared to the normal sclupt.
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