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  1. So, between one of the kobold leaders, a dragon hatchling, and the shipping container, I painted one of the Evard's Black Tentacles and both of the Angels of Sorrow. All I did on the tentacle is throw some Black Ink onto it in order to get some definition on it. The angels were based in Rainy Grey, washed in Shadowed Stone, dry brushed in Rainy Grey, and lightly dry brushed with Pure White for highlights. They came out pretty nice.
  2. I have a few red dots, but no brown stuff.
  3. I'd like to see that. Really, because the sides of a dodecahedron are pentagonal.
  4. Ditto. After some of the horror stories I've read on this forum, that seems like a totally reasonable thing to do.
  5. Is the jaguar a ranger's companion or was it just being held as a meal for the hatchlings? :) Beautiful work. The dragon and scenery are amazing.
  6. Tracker is moving. Looks like they got some more lock-ins overnight.
  7. I don't know if the cube will actually stand up without the two side pieces being glued together.
  8. Yeah. I'd have to go 8+1 if I failed my will save.
  9. Couldn't you just open the box upside-down, remove DDS2, reseal it, and flip it back over? Someone's thinking outside the box.
  10. And the appeal of this extended beyond jut The Oatmeal readers and fans. I almost pledged for it despite not reading The Oatmeal at all. It looked like a fun, simple party game which could easily have drinking rules added to it. :)
  11. In addition to Dwarven Forge, there was a Kickstarter from Frontline Games (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1080314421/stones-dungeon-tiles) for floor tiles made from Bones material. I'm sure after they fulfill, they'll be selling them to the general public.
  12. As has been quoted at me. Simple green the bad paint jobs and redo it. :P >.> It's amazing how hard it can be to find simple green. I've been using Pine Sol... not well, but I have been using it. I've seen it at Home Despot in the cleaner section.
  13. Kit did mine and did a fantastic job. I haven't found an error yet.
  14. I did that the last two years. It's humbling. Oh, I hope it's got 5 heads! Uh, whatever will I talk about if Reaper ever releases Tiamat?! O.o Then you request a Hirum McDaniels (from Welcome to Nightvale) mini. He's literally a 5-headed dragon. That way, Tiamat won't get lonely. :)
  15. I still haven't decided if making my will save was a good or bad thing.
  16. He's not translucent, but I want a Hiram McDaniels mini. http://nightvale.wikia.com/wiki/Hiram_McDaniels He's literally a five-headed dragon.
  17. Oh, I just re-read the shipping. That's $2.50 per dice set shipped. So, if you get the 12-month tier, you have to pay $30 in shipping.
  18. Mine did something like that. It apparently teleported from Mesquite, TX to Roanoke, VA because there was neither exit scan from Mesquite or receipt scan at Roanoke. I did get my package within a few days of it getting to Mesquite, though.
  19. I'm seeing a lot of less populous states on the tracker. I wonder what the per capita number or weight of Bones is by state. I'm going to guess Iowa is up there.
  20. Holy cripes, the top of that thing looks amazing.
  21. Sunnyvale, CA makes me do a double-take every time I see it go by on the tracker.
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