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  1. So, between one of the kobold leaders, a dragon hatchling, and the shipping container, I painted one of the Evard's Black Tentacles and both of the Angels of Sorrow.


    All I did on the tentacle is throw some Black Ink onto it in order to get some definition on it.


    The angels were based in Rainy Grey, washed in Shadowed Stone, dry brushed in Rainy Grey, and lightly dry brushed with Pure White for highlights. They came out pretty nice.

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    Unless the boxes I am waiting for from his last kickstarter arrive before this one finishes I won't be backing. Completely motivated by the decision I made not to back any kickstarters from companies I'm still waiting for product from than any specific concern here.




    After some of the horror stories I've read on this forum, that seems like a totally reasonable thing to do.

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    Wouldn't work, she knows it is coming today, and I work at the UPS center here so I won't be able to fiegn ignorance of it's wherabouts very easily. Plus she has stuff she knows is coming in that box, and I don't want to deny her that.


    Couldn't you just open the box upside-down, remove DDS2, reseal it, and flip it back over?



    Someone's thinking outside the box.

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  4. And the appeal of this extended beyond jut The Oatmeal readers and fans. I almost pledged for it despite not reading The Oatmeal at all. It looked like a fun, simple party game which could easily have drinking rules added to it. :)

  5. Not so much a mini I would like to see, but I would love to see a line of dungeon tiles made in the Bones material.  The Bones material is light, flexible, and durable unlike the current resin and urethane materials that most 3D tiles are made from which is heavy and brittle.  I would love to be able to take my tiles, throw them in a bag, and take them to an event instead of having to currently wrap each one up to prevent paint scratching and possible breakage.  Maybe for starters your standard 2x2 floor tiles, 2x6 corridors, curved sections, doorways/entrances, and a couple of rooms of various size.  We already know that the Bones material can make awesome dungeon decor so lets use it to make the actual dungeon!


    In addition to Dwarven Forge, there was a Kickstarter from Frontline Games (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1080314421/stones-dungeon-tiles) for floor tiles made from Bones material. I'm sure after they fulfill, they'll be selling them to the general public.

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    As has been quoted at me.  Simple green the bad paint jobs and redo it. :P


    >.> It's amazing how hard it can be to find simple green. I've been using Pine Sol... not well, but I have been using it.

    I've seen it at Home Despot in the cleaner section.

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    I'm not sure how I'm going to paint it, but, having seen Nathavarr in person, I'm starting to think that I might just spend all of ReaperCon watching Julie sculpt dragon scales.  ::o:


    I did that the last two years.  It's humbling.

    Oh, I hope it's got 5 heads!




    Uh, whatever will I talk about if Reaper ever releases Tiamat?! O.o



    Then you request a Hirum McDaniels (from Welcome to Nightvale) mini. He's literally a 5-headed dragon. That way, Tiamat won't get lonely. :)

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  8. UPS is being too damned slow with my package! :lol: It was labelled and sent out on 2/17, and it hasn't even left TX yet!  It's moved a whole 14 miles from Dallas to Mesquite!  I think they are being passive aggressive :poke:


    Of course, it doesn't help that they picked things up on the 17th, but it didn't get it's origin scan in Dallas until 10PM on the 18th.


    And this is why I hate the internet.  Because I know where my package is and I have to wait.  It was so much easier in the old days without minute to minute tracking updates so I could be oblivious and simply have a surprise at my door.


    Mine did something like that. It apparently teleported from Mesquite, TX to Roanoke, VA because there was neither exit scan from Mesquite or receipt scan at Roanoke. I did get my package within a few days of it getting to Mesquite, though.

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