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  1. Gah! I've never made a diorama, but now I do! At least I would if I had ordered the full DDS2 and Khanjira, which I haven't. But just imagining all the ginormous minis, gathered in a circle for their "peace talks", with a poor hapless adventurer (or party) stuck in the middle. Or the heroes are the appetizer at the "peace talk."
  2. That would defeat the purpose of my trying to forget I suggest generous application of alcohol (to you, not your minis.)
  3. Cuttlekraken sounds awesome. When do we get a space kraken? :-)
  4. Welp. This was fun while it lasted but having tried to invade Russia in the winter, Reaper is now doomed. At least they didn't go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  5. Normal UPS can be 24 hours easy. I'm not sure about UPS MI.
  6. That just means put the truck in 4x4 and drive down. True, that. People with trucks don't have to get up to clear snow. But many do because once the truck packs down the snow, it's harder to clear. Yeah. I gave my driveway a good shoveling so the sun could do some melting for me.
  7. 5-6" of snow might cancel work? We would need 20+ before they would even think about cancelling work around here. Well, Northern Virginia is technically in The South. Were I in Iowa where I grew up, and we'd laugh at 5"-6".
  8. I'm a bit annoyed at work today. I figured with 5"-6" of snow, they'd cancel work, and I could paint my new Bones. But no, I only scored a 2 hour delay. :(
  9. Depending on the version of D&D, if Kaladrax can't cast Wish, the best he can do is a draw.
  10. I like the use of honed steel on the hard edges. I did something similar on the spearhead of a kobold and really liked the effect.
  11. Yeah, I'm oddly fascinated with this. The rational part of my brain says it's not something I want to spend money on, but the part of my brain that wants to be an EPIC GAMEMASTER wants to combine this with the music, terrain, and minis I have to make an EPIC GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!!11!11! I'm really trying not to listen to that part of my brain. :)
  12. If I still played in a vampire larp, I would probably be doing the same. :-)
  13. I actually like the idea. It's always easier to demonstrate than to describe. However, I can't imagine any of the owners of the houses we play in wanting their dining room smelling like a vampire lair or mummy tomb...
  14. Reaper has a good track record of replacing frozen paints. Give them a shout. Or email. LS probably would prefer an email. :)
  15. I plan on using this for DDR2 and Khanjira when the time comes. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00180548/
  16. I went way in on the first KS. I backed off a little bit for the second and split an order with a friend. I'm not sure I can afford a third. :)
  17. I think Blightfang will be the mini for my green kobold summoner's eidolon when it can get to huge (or bigger with spells) size. I will probably stick with a more traditional green, but this will certainly provide some inspiration.
  18. Red dragon hatchling is going to be painted as a green dragon for my Pathfinder character's eidolon.
  19. I did in fact get my Narthrax. My wife helped me unpack, and she did not comment on him.
  20. I need to do a proper inventory of mine, but I think I might actually be missing Narthrax as well.
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