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    Oh no......I have a a diorama idea.....  :blink:


    Luckily my Bones 2 box isn't here yet.  Maybe I'll forget before it gets here...

    Gah! I've never made a diorama, but now I do!


    At least I would if I had ordered the full DDS2 and Khanjira, which I haven't.


    But just imagining all the ginormous minis, gathered in a circle for their "peace talks", with a poor hapless adventurer (or party) stuck in the middle. :devil:



    Or the heroes are the appetizer at the "peace talk."

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    Heh. Up here 5"-6" of snow means getting up 45 minutes early to run the snow thrower before work. ::D:


    That just means put the truck in 4x4 and drive down.



    True, that. People with trucks don't have to get up to clear snow. But many do because once the truck packs down the snow, it's harder to clear.



    Yeah. I gave my driveway a good shoveling so the sun could do some melting for me.

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    I'm a bit annoyed at work today. I figured with 5"-6" of snow, they'd cancel work, and I could paint my new Bones. But no, I only scored a 2 hour delay. :(

    5-6" of snow might cancel work? We would need 20+ before they would even think about cancelling work around here.



    Well, Northern Virginia is technically in The South. Were I in Iowa where I grew up, and we'd laugh at 5"-6".

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  4. I find myself strangely tempted. Might have to wander up to indy next month to go to the con


    Yeah, I'm oddly fascinated with this. The rational part of my brain says it's not something I want to spend money on, but the part of my brain that wants to be an EPIC GAMEMASTER wants to combine this with the music, terrain, and minis I have to make an EPIC GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!!11!11!


    I'm really trying not to listen to that part of my brain. :)

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  5. <strike>Out for Delivery</strike> Here!


    The Good - at a casual glance, everything appears to be here.


    The Bad - as feared, the paints are probably a total loss. The best of the lot are sludgy at the top, but most of them are frozen solid, and about half are completely separated- which looks kind of cool, except....


    Oh, well.

    (Pics later, when not on phone)


    Reaper has a good track record of replacing frozen paints. Give them a shout. Or email. LS probably would prefer an email. :)

  6. Just lost all my excitement.


    "Your shipment was postmarked on 02-13-2015 and is being shipped UPS Priority Mail Innovations."


    UPS....uh oh. Time to prepare for the worst gouging ever. Gonna need to dig out my assless chaps when the UPSman comes to the door. I thought Canada was getting USPS shipping? This is going to hurt. Didn't get a tracking number in the email either. What happens if I refuse to pay their exorborant fees?


    Read further up from your post. You'll feel better.  ::):

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  7. I'd say the easiest to miss/lose piece is the gray alien's head for the flying saucer from Expansion Set 3.  That thing is tiny, so be careful when dumping out bags, boiling, etc.


    Also, I think I saw what looked like a large cat's tail in my boil pile.  I'll have to look again later, but offhand I'm not sure what it would go to; the lions from Expansion Set 1 don't have removable tails (and this "tail" is much shorter).

    Minotaur Lord's tail maybe?

  8. There was only one thing missing, a kinda big thing...my Narthrax wasn't there! *cries* :down: The weird thing is, though, that it's definitely there in my Pledge Manager, but it's not listed in the invoice email I got from Reaper (the one that said "Bones 2 Kickstarter on its way"). So, I'm not sure what happened, why it didn't populate correctly, but I'll be sending an email for sure! I've got a second order in Wave 10, so I'll just ask them to put it in with that, save some shipping. :)


    I took lots of pictures! I'll have them up likely later today; if not, I'll post them on Sunday, because Mr. Boot and I are going to a local con tonight and all of tomorrow.



    --OneBoot :D



    I need to do a proper inventory of mine, but I think I might actually be missing Narthrax as well.

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