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  1. Hopefully that Bones II order going to Cardiff has a police call box in it. :)
  2. I was surprised at just how nice the various bases turned out, with very little warping (and what slight warping there was, it seems to come out easily with boiling). Bones bases definitely seems like a viable thing for Reaper to consider. The only really warped base I got was the minotaur lord. I'm going to assume boiling it will fix it.
  3. My wife had to go through and find all the "dangerous-looking women" minis. I think she wants to start painting too, now. :)
  4. I think people need to keep in mind the choice Reaper faced: delay 2000 packages for two weeks or delay 8000 packages for two days. If I had been a ROW backer and had a two week delay, I would have flipped a table.
  5. He looks better. You should be able to boil the sword into resting is tip in the proper place.
  6. Thank you to Kit, who packed my package perfectly. You are a human among humans. Hopefully someone at Reaper can high five you for me.
  7. I'm glad I got a second burrowing horror. Wish I would have gotten a second brass bull.
  8. That's a lot of orders shipped there... :) Edit: In Nakos' post above me.
  9. They are both in my shipping email. Did you add them after the KS closed?
  10. We just need Obama to approve the Bones XL Pipeline, obviously. :)
  11. 9am Reaper Standard Time means the shipping has begun again! Looks like it's still ROW 1 then on to ROW 2!
  12. Apparently UPS has decided to deliver a day earlier. I'm not going to complain. :)
  13. You all are doing god's work. Which god I will leave to your imagination...
  14. I did Carnage Red over a Blue Liner the other day on a Wight. If you don't put the Carnage Red on too heavy, you get a look that my friend said "looks like it's been on the surface of Mars for a few years." So, you get a really rusty red with bits of dark, dark blue showing through, like weathering. Did you get something like that with your first base coat? Or do you just base coat thicker than I do?
  15. Welcome! My story is similar to yours! May we have found drowning in our orders!
  16. Well, Houston is a 8-10 hour round trip. I can understand that. Denton on the other hand...
  17. It'll probably ship today or tomorrow at the rate they're going.
  18. Well, it looks like someone's the Hero of Canton(, MI)... I wonder if his name is Jayne?
  19. You're responsible for the entire container of DDS2, aren't you?
  20. Mines only 14lbs. :( /puts She-Ra costume away Mine is 18.3 lbs. Can I still wear the furry speedos?
  21. *Waves to whomever is getting Bones in Ames, IA* I know enough people in that town that I probably know you or someone who knows you!
  22. Yeah. Looks like they did this to me, too. I guess two quick notices are better than no notices at all. :)
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