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    That piece is why I think Reaper should do a basing kickstarter with bones next.  It's awesome right?? 


    /starts petition. 


    I was surprised at just how nice the various bases turned out, with very little warping (and what slight warping there was, it seems to come out easily with boiling).  Bones bases definitely seems like a viable thing for Reaper to consider.



    The only really warped base I got was the minotaur lord. I'm going to assume boiling it will fix it.

  2. I.... I think the Bones have caused the Mr to lose his mind. He's huddled in a corner with the minis, going through them one by one, giggling to himself and setting things aside.


    The glee on his face is just...wow. 



    Given, I already did this last night, but still. 


    My wife had to go through and find all the "dangerous-looking women" minis. I think she wants to start painting too, now. :)

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  3. I did Carnage Red over a Blue Liner the other day on a Wight. If you don't put the Carnage Red on too heavy, you get a look that my friend said "looks like it's been on the surface of Mars for a few years." So, you get a really rusty red with bits of dark, dark blue showing through, like weathering.


    Did you get something like that with your first base coat? Or do you just base coat thicker than I do?

  4. I remember my TSR basic AD&D box set introducing me to a rust monster that destroyed most of my gear.


    Glad to see some people are getting their goods already.  My daughter has had a fever the last two nights and I ended up playing some Left 4 Dead 2 after she went to bed last night with some friends so I have yet to dig through my Core set and Expansion 1 bags.  Is that wrong of me? :)


    Yes. Yes it is. :)

  5. First post! 


    Really excited for these! I just started mini painting in anticipation of getting these, so I have painted a few during the months and months of waiting. Used to just buy prepainted minis for my game, wanted to give this a shot.


    I am in wave 6 because I waited till I had money to commit (d'oh! didn't know kickstarter doesn't charge till the end!)... but really excited by how fast the shipments seem to be pouring out the door. Now I just need to clean up my art room so I have room for these!


    Welcome! My story is similar to yours! May we have found drowning in our orders!  :bday:

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