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  1. And I just got an email from UPS saying Monday, since they are saying it shipped this morning, even though I got a shipping notice on the 9th and arrival scans into a UPS hub on the 9th. Not enjoying UPS today.
  2. Rev up your excitement motors. The destinations have started to change again!
  3. Awesome job making a fun time-waster/de-stressor.
  4. Now UPS is annoying me. I got my notification email on the 9th, when my package arrived in Mesquite, TX. Two days later, and I don't have a departure scan or an arrival scan anywhere else. So, now I have no idea if my Bones are just sitting in a UPS depot somewhere or are actually on their way here. I hate not knowing!
  5. 2001 Early Bird pledges. I think the 1 is an accident.
  6. Next big Reaper Kickstarter, I'm going to capitalize my city name very oddly. That way I can spot my order going through. :)
  7. Yeah, if they keep this pace up, they'll beat yesterday by quite a bit.
  8. Lots of Northern Virginia addresses. Where my NoVa people at?
  9. It was more punctuation than grammar. :) I just mentally inserted commas, and things were fine. You probably had your mind on other things. ;)
  10. Yes. I have, and others have as well.
  11. Are you west of Texas? I think the scan times are in whatever time zone the package is.
  12. Mine arrived in Mesquite, TX about 10 hours ago and hasn't moved. I can only assume they are painting and playing with my Bones there.
  13. That sounds entirely possible. Bryan's been saying a good number of people haven't yet. Heck, they still have Bones I people who haven't locked in.
  14. My order appears to be hanging out in Mesquite as well. I figure it's being put on a truck to head out east soon.
  15. Most recent destination just changed. Looks like things might be spinning up for the second day of shipping.
  16. It looks fun, but I don't think I can justify $80 for a board game.
  17. I'm super excited too but we aren't exactly waiting for life saving medication or anything Says you! ;p I only got one email. I'm sure it's right. I'm also sure the issue is with UPS. They hate me and the feeling is mutual. So, which demon or devil are you painting UPS brown?
  18. I asked something similar awhile ago, and the Pathfinder Red Dragon was suggested to me. Since it is mostly upright, the base is smaller than the dragons on three or four claws.
  19. Got the tracker up and running on my desktop again. Can't wait to see the numbers grow. This is almost as exciting as Progress Quest!
  20. Woke up to a shipping email from Reaper that has my correct order and shows up in UPS' system. So, here's hoping my shipment actually went out!
  21. Me too. Although I went from like 7 or 8 to 5 to 2 to EB.
  22. And 25% of wave 1 is done according to the tracker!
  23. Things seem to be shipping quicker now. I guess the lunch meeting helped.
  24. There was an LA, CA earlier in the day.
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