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  1. Hilarious because my ups tracker just updated me and told me that my bones 2 package will deliver on Friday. It was shipped Tuesday night. :P


    And I just got an email from UPS saying Monday, since they are saying it shipped this morning, even though I got a shipping notice on the 9th and arrival scans into a UPS hub on the 9th. Not enjoying UPS today.

  2. I notice something. the tracker started at 13986, if we add the 150 it will be 14,136.

    The kickstarter page shows 14,964 pledges.


    It means that over 800 people didn´t lock the pledge manager yet?



    That sounds entirely possible. Bryan's been saying a good number of people haven't yet. Heck, they still have Bones I people who haven't locked in.

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  3. Oh my!  If my email is correct I might have Bones on the way!!!!!!!!!!!

    It says it's in Mesquite TX and that it left Denton.  Is it real?  Or is the computer playing tricks on me?!!!

    Regardless, squeeeeeee!   Bones!!!!!!  They will be mine soon, my precious.  Oh yes!


    I am wave 1, order #1515, locked in 12/11/13.


    Reaper is AWESOME!!!!


    My order appears to be hanging out in Mesquite as well. I figure it's being put on a truck to head out east soon.

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    I just checked again and UPS still can't find my tracking number. I don't know if I should be excited or not...


    I'm super excited too but we aren't exactly waiting for life saving medication or anything :;):

    Says you! ;p


    I only got one email. I'm sure it's right. I'm also sure the issue is with UPS. They hate me and the feeling is mutual.



    So, which demon or devil are you painting UPS brown?

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