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  1. Yeah. I saw one town literally a mile from where I live.
  2. I love seeing the towns go by. "Wapello, IA" Hey! I've been there! (It was Boy Scout summer camp.)
  3. Well, Texas isn't a small state. Denton would be a good 8-10 hours round trip from Houston, for example. According to my native Texan friend.
  4. All of these Virginias, and none of them are my town!
  5. Ha! I just saw a Denton, TX go by on the tracker. Hopefully they get their package quickly!
  6. Good thing I have two screens at work...
  7. I suppose it would be wrong to pump a bunch of crack fumes into the warehouse to make everyone work faster. Right? Right?
  8. Reaper rejected at least three models to have them retooled because they weren't good enough. I'm betting that Reaper QC was better this time around.
  9. I was going to copy and paste the St. Crispin's Day Speech from Shakespeare and replace words to make it fit Bones fulfillment, but Shakespeare makes no sense to me when I read it, only when I see it performed. Oh, and hungerfan, moar pcs plz!
  10. Hmmm. I got my email titled "Pledge Complete" on 12/9/13. I completed mine on 12/11/13. FWIW.
  11. We appreciate your service against the Nazis, Email or otherwise.
  12. *green* At least give us pictures when you pick them up. Agreed. Pics, or it didn't happen! Bones or GTFO!
  13. I keep catching myself thinking, "It's actually happening!!!!" Can you tell it's my first Bones Kickstarter?
  14. Although I'll probably panic, lose all faith in my newly acquired painting skills, and decide the shipping container is the way to go. Just remind yourself the standard size minis are dirt cheap. You can easy buy a new one to paint when they hit the store. Honestly, I know I can just give the mini a bath in Simple Green if I really don't like it. I just feel like I could use some practice on things with less detail to worry about.
  15. Although I'll probably panic, lose all faith in my newly acquired painting skills, and decide the shipping container is the way to go.
  16. I did too, but I always feel a pang of regret I didn't get the kraken.
  17. The black friday worked for me. Even better, I locked in the small stone dungeon tiles instead of the wooden plank ones. One message later, and they fixed it lickety-split.
  18. I was thinking of Bone 3: Bigger, Badder, Basier! Lots of large minis and bases.
  19. Just in case anyone was still wondering, Discover is no longer an option for Kickstarter. I had to enter an alternative card for the Exploding Kittens KS. It's disappointing; the cashback bonus from the Discover card at least helped mitigate the amount I spend on KSes... Yeah, they don't take Discover any more. It's already kept me from pledging for two Kickstarters. That's probably good for me in the long-run, but I miss my instant gratification!
  20. And it seems to have not soaked in. If I told you how many people remain unlocked at this time, you would not believe me. I like to think of it as getting people out of my way. :) Seriously, though, people should lock in so they can get their stuff ASAP.
  21. These prob will be mine as well. I'm debating on whether or not to add them to the RCon mousling game. Most likely as adversaries....... That's why I refused to show my wife the mouselings and never ordered them. :)
  22. I think maybe one of the kobold leaders for my character in our current Pathfinder game.
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