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  1. I just had a 5 minute conversation with a co-worker. My plan for Khanjira is to bring him to every game I run. Then, each time I paint just a little bit more of him. When someone notices and asks "what's up with the giant mini slowly gaining more paint?" I just smile and say they'll face him when he's ready.

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  2. I really want many of the female characters who are ks exclusive. Now I gotta decide if I have $160 to throw away or not. Becuase without that exclusive content, I'd be waiting for retail.


    I'd probably wait to see if it actually comes out, and if it does, buy the KS exclusives you want on eBay or whatever.

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    Maybe you should go do your taxes Talae. :lol:

    I am dreading them. My wife started a small business this year and I don't know whether to expect to pay or get a refund.



    Did she turn a profit? Congratulations if she did! At least you'll pay less in taxes if she didn't.


    I like the "pledge this much, and get one of thing this Kickstarter is for" approach. It's nice after having pledged to a lot of Kickstarters where stretch goals were super important. I haven't pledged for this, but it's nice to see something able to drum up a lot of money without having to promise the world.

    You have no idea how many times I have told people that this idea is perfectly acceptable. 



    Yeah. Even though it had stretch goals, I was perfectly happy pledging $20 to the Mistborn Allomancy Dice Kickstarter and just getting a set of dice from the Kickstarter. Granted, I ended up getting 5 more dice than originally and a copy of the Mistborn game due to stretch goals. But that campaign was pretty much fire and forget for me. It was refreshing.

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