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  1. It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share one of my current projects. I started on this 70mm orc from Yedharo back in October. I took a break from it for a while and just recently got back to work on her. When I first saw the sculpt, for some reason I immediately pictured a blue orc. I know a little untraditional, but I like to switch it up from the standard green. One of the things I wanted to work with on this piece was the use of ambient color/light. I pictured her standing over some beast she'd killed and wanted to show the light reflecting off of that and onto the orc.
  2. Thanks, everyone! Taking this guy one part at a time. Most recent work was on his pauldrons. The sculpt has a random mix of equipment cobbled together from various sources. So I envision it all as pretty beat up. So I'm giving the metal a pretty heavy dose of weathering. I'm working with the Secret Weapon weathering acrylics (their rust and verdigris shades) to create the effect. Started by laying down some undertones of the rust shades (red/oranges for the iron, greens for the bronze) and then applied the metallic paints over it. Finally I went back with the rust/verdigris
  3. This past weekend I started painting Brom, the 54mm scale dwarf from Enigma. The sculpt has got a mix of equipment and, to be honest, I'm not even sure what all of it is. It gives him a lot of character, but presents some challenges with the painting. I've been putting a lot of thought into how I want to approach the piece and finally decided to pick a color scheme and let that tie the figure together. I started with the face. Considering most of it is hidden by the hair, the beard feels almost as important as the rest of the face. I used a mix of Reaper's Ruddy Leather, Secret We
  4. Here's the updated figure and the painted base. I still need to paint the spear, which will be sticking out of the base. But everything else is essentially complete.
  5. Reaper used to have a couple 54mm female figures which I think would make great showcase pieces. Unfortunately it looks like they have mostly been discontinued, so you'd need to find a secondhand source to pick them up. Two that I remember are Finari and Monique De Noir. Both of them have been turned into 28mm figures, which are still sold by Reaper. But I think the 54mm versions were much neater.
  6. Thanks! Got the main figure mostly finished, just a couple little details still to do and then the base.
  7. If you've seen my other posts here, you know I normally work on larger scale figures. But recently I took on a commission to paint the 28mm version of Kingdom Death's White Speaker. I actually painted the 54mm version a few years back, so I thought it'd be an interesting exercise to see how I could do on the 28mm one. So far my focus has been on the skin. The other sections just have some dark undercoats. I played around with my mixes a bit on this one. I started by base coating her with a 2:1 mix of Rosy Shadow and Bronzed Shadow. I then used a 4:1 mix of Chestnut Brown and
  8. Thanks, SGHawkins! That's the plan. Though I believe they've switched the show to every other year, so it may be a little bit. I've got my fingers crossed they'll find a different venue so they can go back to every year... though I don't know if it's been sorted out yet or will be in time for the 2018 show. :/ In the meantime, here's a quick update on the knight. I finished off the chain mail on his legs and took care of a few other details. Only thing left on the knight itself is to paint the dagger handle (not sure what it's supposed to be... best guess is metal), the arrows
  9. Thanks, everyone! Glitterwolf, I'm not sure I have a simple answer. For the blending, I'm mostly layering. But I will certainly make sure of stippling from time to time, especially on transition that's giving me trouble (the stippling breaks the transition up and helps make it at least look smoother). I took some images as I painted the left arm/shoulder, which you can see below. I started with a base of Violet Red and then sketched in the shadows with Burgundy Wine (1st image). Then, through layering, I gradually work from Burgundy Wine back up to Violet Red in orde
  10. I realized I had yet to post any pictures of my latest project here. A few months ago I started working on this 54mm scale knight from Romeo Models. The figure is from the era of the 3rd Crusade, but I decided to paint him up as a generic knight rather than one of the crusading orders (like the Templars). This gave me a lot more freedom in color choice and for the design work on his clothing/shield. In my mind, he's an English knight traveling with Richard the Lionheart on crusade. That steered my color choice a bit, as red and yellow were colors used by the English king. But I opted to
  11. I've heard from a number of people that, for an American painter, my work looks more like the European style. I'm not sure there's a strict definition, but I always thought of it as the European painters tended to use higher contrast in their work. I think the European painters may use desaturated colors more, but certainly use bright colors too. Perhaps the American style shies away from desaturated colors. To be honest, with the internet you tend to see work from all over and many of us learn and develop our own work from what we see online, so it's hard to define a specific style to jus
  12. The first figure is Tiet-Khebi from Arena Rex (part of the Morituri faction). And Clearman is right, the second piece is from Aradia. They're starting delivery on their kickstarter rewards, but only on the earlier pieces. A number of the stretch goals still need to be completed. So it's possible pieces like Medusa will be available through their online store soon or they might wait until all of the kickstarter rewards have been shipped, in which case it'll probably be a few more months at least.
  13. Well, looks like I wasn't so diligent about updating this thread. Sorry! Anyway, the piece is finally finished. Here's a look at how he turned out. I've entered him into the Eadbanger Competition Master's Category over on Eavier Metal and I'll be bringing him along with me to NOVA Open next week. Perhaps I'll see some of you there!
  14. It's been a while, but I've returned to work on this figure. Last time I'd gotten stuck on what color palette I wanted to use for the leathers. So I set the figure aside until I came up with a good solution. Fast forward a few months, I was working on another project and used a mix for leather that I thought would work well here too. It's a mix of browns and teal. The resulting brown looks a little on the green side, instead of yellow, and more like a pale weathered leather. I also worked some dark purple into the shadows, as that shade was also used in the skin and the red sash, so it h
  15. I've probably spent 20 or so hours on this one so far. I don't get track of it that closely, so it's just a guess. For something this size, I'll probably spend 40-60 hours on the piece. I'm probably about halfway through painting the figure, but I will also create a scenic base for him which takes time too. So 40-60 seems like a good guess.
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